Amos Blood

Amos Blood

 Medford, Massachusetts, USA

Gypsy Cajun Devil Folk. All members came on a boat from a point undetermined. They are ghosts in the galley venturing toward Angels on the horizon, chased with shotguns as they race to their Voodoo Rendezvous. Backboned by an upright bass, Amos Blood is the ghost of a qypsy movement, all are welcome.


Practicing out of Boston, playing shows around the city. Amos Blood has been together for almost a year. Amos Blood recorded their first Album with veteran Drew Townsend at 37 studios and are ready to drop their ten song album "Coffin on the tracks." Along side the Asteroid M Project , the Amos Blood gypsy's join forces with the likes of Mass Art gypsies "Of the sun," "Peace & Quiet" and with other friends "Spear Chodder Memorial Choir Band" , "Fat Creeps" and "Vanzetti"


Ocean Dirge
Ghosts in the Galley
About the length of a street fight
Summer Rose
Voodoo Rendezvous
We came for Blood
These boots are made for Walking
Single White female