smokey vocals, flat tops and tokia love rocks with echo pedals. folk-rock with unique melodies and simple but effective melodies and guitar hooks.


the influences range from Wilco, Neil Young, Ron Sexsmith and Frank Black (of pixies fame) to Sonic Youth, Gord Downie (of Canada's Tragically Hip), Joe Strummer, leslie feist, peaches, my morning jacket, the constantines, spoon, minutemen and beck.

What sets amos apart from other artists is that while he doesn't mind being pegged a folky or a rocker, he strives to write songs in all genres and styles while still embracing a "sound". his live band Mallard, will revial any trio in the west. If a pop song comes to him he'll role with it, if it's a reggae vibe than so be it. it's not his to control it's in him to flow. he and his posse love being a band in canada, the hardest and most rewarding country to tour and be a real band in.


new demo songs on
and there has been some radio play on CBC one and the local cjsw comunity radio. "mallard" his newest project is currently in the studio but a few tracks are up on my space. he has also released 3 albums with Calgary's anwser to incubus "cranston foundation". a dub album is in the works for some of their catologue

Set List

Set list depending on requirments is 8-14 original songs for one set (45 to one hour) or a combination of orginals and covers for longer nights. Mallard covers songs that range from artists like Johnny Cash to the Clash to David Bowie.