Amos Hoffman

Amos Hoffman


Imagine traveling across the desert in a caravan, then arriving in a cool, calm, oasis as the sun sets. Suddenly you realize that hidden among the palm trees is a jazz club where you hear something exotic but still familiar - you've just found Amos Hoffman's music.


Tel Aviv based guitarist and oudist Amos Hoffman started playing guitar at the age of 6, and oud a few years later. He studied guitar privately, and attended the prestigious Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem. His search for new musical experiences led him first to Amsterdam, and then to New York City, where he played jazz with both established musicians like Dennis Charles, Evelyn Blakey and Juma Santos and up and coming talents like Jason Lindler, Omer Avital, Sam Newsome, Jay Collins, bassist Avishai Cohen, Jorge Rossi and Duane Eubanks. He also began a more formal study of Middle Eastern music with Lebanese oud and ney player, Bassam Saba.
In 1998, he recorded his first solo album The Dreamer for the Spanish Label, Fresh Sound/New Talent. He has also contributed to numerous other projects, including Ben Wolfe's 13 Sketches, 1997, Jay Collins' Cross Culture,1999, Sam Newsome 1999 and bassist Avishai Cohen's Continuo, 2006, Colors 2000 Devotion, 1999 and Adama, 1998.
After returning to Israel at the end of 1999, he began to compose the music that would eventually become the tracks on Na'ama, released in 2006 on Magda records. On Na’ama, Hoffman plays homage to the traditions of classical Arabic music the taqasim (improvisation) and the maqam (scales). All 12 tracks are original compositions, inspired by the great Arab composers of the 20th Century.
Further pursuing his passion for combining jazz with Middle Eastern music, his newest work is Evolution (RazDaz), a ten track exploration of melodies and rhythms that incorporates compositional and improvisational elements common to both musical genres.


Amos Hoffman – Evolution, Razdaz Records 2008; Na’ama, Magda Records 2006; The Dreamer, Fresh Sound/New Talent 1999
Iris & Ofer Portugali – Sipur B’hemshech, Independent Release 2007
Avishai Cohen - Aurora, 2009; Shaot Regishot, 2008; Continuo, 2006 Razdaz Records; Colors, 2000; Devotion, 1999; Adama, 1998 Stretch Records,
Alon Farber – Optimistic View Fresh Sound/New Talent 2006
Rea Bar Nes – Remember Forget, Independent release 2006
3 Cohens – One, Independent release 2003
Quartet East - Yeah! Independent release 2002
Sam Newsome and Global Unity, Columbia 1999
Jay Collins - Cross Culture, Loose Leaf Records 1999
Marya Lawrence - All the Way Back, Oxygen Music Works 1998
Ben Wolfe -13 Sketches, Mons Records 1997

Set List

Original music from the CDs Evolution and Na'ama 2 sets of 45 minutes each.