Amos J.

Amos J.

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Montrealer Amos J. is a solo performer who consistently impresses audiences by sounding like a full band as he uses his looping pedal to build complex harmonies with his voice and guitar. His refreshing stage presence blends honesty and effervescence with a deep commitment to musical growth.


Stronger. Since releasing “My name is Amos”, his debut album in 2008, Amos J. has grown leaps and bounds not only as a singer, songwriter, musician, but perhaps most importantly as a performer. He has toured Canada performing for live television audiences, logged well over a thousand gigs, put himself in situations that he knew would inform him and give him the experience he needed to bring his music forward in confidence and style. He has discovered over these last few years, who he really is as an artist and performer.

What sets Amos apart from other musicians is his live performance. While his voice has hints of Martin Sexton's soulful passion and Bobby McFerrin's tonal quality and playfulness, it is as unique as Rod Stewart's. His eclectic and ever-evolving musical style crosses genres a la Peter Gabriel keeping his audience - who have come to expect the unexpected - mesmorized.


I want to see you smile, 2012
West Brome Records Inc.

My name is Amos, 2008
West Brome Records Inc.

Set List

Amos has a solid hour and a half-long set of original music. You won't hear a show of his without witnessing an improvised original creation, and if you still want more, he plays a wide variety of covers of all genres better than anyone you've heard recently.