Amounting to Nothing

Amounting to Nothing


Native American music is not all about flutes, drums and pow-wows anymore. The New Native America introduces Amounting to Nothing to the world. With an electrifying sound, an energetic show and hope-filled lyrics this Navajo 3-piece is making it's voice heard across the reservation and beyond.


The Navajo Reservation music scene brings forth a band that has helped to broaden the predominately metal and country scene. Amounting to Nothing creates music that is like a breath of fresh air to the reservation listener. They have built a fan base that comprises of people of all ages and races. The band has traveled miles across the largest American Indian reservation to share their craft and hope with their people. This modern band of musicians have upped the ante for a new generation of Native bands yet to be heard. In Beauty they will walk and in Beauty they will play...


Elixer of Life EP - Acoustic - Released 2005
How to Live Without Dying EP - Released 2005

Set List

Typical set time: 30 - 45 minutes
Set list: Worst Song in the World, Bitter Life, In Flames, Last Friday, Legacy, Arise, Christmas Song, But Maybe, Numbers, Again
No covers
Energetic live set with minimum breaks to keep the crowd interested and entertained.