Amour Fou

Amour Fou

 Regina, Saskatchewan, CAN

Amour Fou is a fierce, sharply political hardcore punk band from the frozen prairie of Regina, SK. The duo, comprised of brothers Justin and Dylan Ludwig, draws from varying influences and resources to create an educated, dynamic and unapolagetically intense new voice in progressive thrash.


After playing together in various punk and hardcore bands for years, brothers Justin and Dylan Ludwig formed Amour Fou in the fall of 2005, in the tightly knit musical community of Regina, Saskatchewan. Largely disillusioned by the increasingly polished, politically apathetic direction of contemporary hardcore, the brothers strove to create a sound that captured the spirit and passion of the music they grew up on and continued to inspire them. Two pieces were all they needed; by restricting instrumentation to just an overdriven bass and drums, the band was forced to create within parameters that didn’t allow for frills or extras, instead thriving on raw, intense drive and the brothers’ unbridled energy. Drawing from Hakim Bey’s Temporary Autonomous Zone, the band’s philosophy was built upon the ideals of educated defiance, community and “poetic terrorism.” The demo Art Sabotage was recorded that winter, and the band’s early sound was heavily influenced by 80s hardcore, 90s skate punk and Youth Crew fury: the songs were short, fast, and unapologetically scrappy.

Amour Fou began seriously playing shows in the fall of
2006, becoming instant favourites in the Regina scene and going on to share the stage with bands like Propagandhi, The Ripchordz, Go It Alone and Wednesday Night Heroes. Over the course of Amour Fou’s brief career, the band has developed a more mature, disparate sound while remaining true to their thrash roots. In September 2007 the band entered the studio to record its debut full-length, entitled Grow Your Own, and laboured on the album in the months that followed. The result is a culmination of the band’s varied influences and aggressions, a self-determined call for action to a global community at the crossroads.

Grow Your Own, released by upstart Young Soul Records on March 18, 2008, “examines tones, textures, and pure thrashing over the course of fourteen short tracks” (prairie dog, Feb. 08). Influenced by such dynamic landmarks as The Shape of Punk to Come and Analphabetapolothology, the record savours every terrifying high and moment of respite equally, a soundtrack for the not-too-distant-future: violent, hysterical, and built upon the ashes of the old.

2008 will see Amour Fou touring extensively in support of the record. As well, the band (influenced by subversive art movements the world over) will further refine the dizzying videoscapes that have become trademark of the brothers’ vicious live show. Working diligently to promote D.I.Y. ethics, environmental sustainability and issues of human justice, the band ultimately sees its art, in every capacity, brash and beautiful, as a weapon, an instrument of change, an educated, dynamic and intense new voice in progressive thrash.


Que Se Vayan Todos

Written By: Justin Ludwig

Black-bloc protest reels of smashed windows and spray-painted banks
abhorristas burning down Sunday morning in suits and heels
stencil art as media
mirror, encyclopedia, jester, muse
voice of the Cacerolazo
from the crisis of 19/12
the urgency of a people stripped of rights living in a state of emergency

Bush Fuera Argentina!
rejoice in the humiliation
of this capitalist demi-god's great white hope
these streets are tattooed,
there's blood pouring from the alleys
the city's in the mood:
it's hot and no one has any money

the tools of the Assembleas Populares
voices, cans of paint, fervent dissidence,
holds common people as they share space; collective, ad-hoc army
riot barricades can do nothing to assuage the sound of pots and pans ringing
and one united cry beneath the surface lies:
they all must GO!

The Wagon

Written By: Justin Ludwig

On it, routine sweet routine
Strength, clarity, all that bullshit
Watching ghosts speak as friends
Filling vacancy with hostility
I cannot bend…


So my brethren waves and chokes
I have new eyes, a new voice
Walking catatonic mirror
With more dirt under my nails
Than can be cleaned…


So I’ll keep swimming upstream
This fight will never leave me
Balance is key, but that’s kind of tough to do
When all your friends are alcoholics too

If this is our fight, we fight together
Can’t fear being weak
There’s strength in numbers
So we fight…

Fuck Christian Hardcore... This is Hell

Written By: Justin Ludwig

Try-hards, black T-shirts and haircuts
Morose high school poetry
This community is a fist in gloves
While a race war rages north of Dewdney
SaskPower chokes the air black
But this pretty machine screams for Jesus
Keeping jobs at Future Shop
Moaning over B-Sharp melodrama

Is this my community?
Where’s the unity?

Regina, Saskatchewan, my home, my prairie
Regina, Saskatchewan, can you fucking hear me?
Because this is my community
My dying community

So for every fist pumping through the air
Every pent-up straight-edge rage case
We need two more calling for change
Our deviant text at once reclaimed

Because until the day that every mouth
In this affluent city-state is filled
Then every privileged call for Christ
Is a wasted line
Wasted time
Wasted lives
I will not wait:
Fuck Christian hardcore this is hell!

We'll See Who's Laughing When There's No More Air to Breathe

Written By: Justin Ludwig

Dennis Miller (that smug, bearded neo-con)
Throws sardines at his flapping drones
When his steroid comedy turns to snicker at global warming
The hoax (he assumes) has no bearing on our lives;
It’s not our job to fix

They all laugh…
“What’s one more degree?”

It’s the extinction of oceans, the erosion of soils
The end of days, to quote your bible
So you’ll excuse me if I don’t laugh
You fucking buffoon
It’s our world too


Grow Your Own - full length CD, released on Young Soul Records, in stores March 18, 2008.

Set List

Run, Comrades, the Old World is Behind You!
Left Behind
Que Se Vayan Todos
Mutually Assured Destruction
We'll See Who's Laughing...
Fuck Christian Hardcore... This is Hell
Art Sabotage
The Future

approx 25-30 min.

Covers we often throw in:
Minor Threat - Filler
Patty Smith - Rocknroll Nigger
Gang Green - Alcohol
NOFX - Moron Brothers