A Mourning Rain

A Mourning Rain


We are freak folk. We have 5 members who play 13 instruments and counting. We are a part of a developing community in Louisville, KY called Solidarity. We have an old shuttle bus that runs on veggie oil. We give everything we have during our live performances so the crowd has as much fun as we do!


Formed in Louisville, Kentucky in 2008, A Mourning Rain has sunk their feet into an eclectic indie folk sound. With band members ranging from 18 to 21 years old, their love and energy shines through their music as well as their live performances. AMR started as a 3 member group: Corey (guitar, vocals), Eli (drums, spare percussion), and Elizabeth (vocals, spare percussion, toy piano, glockenspiel), playing coffee houses for tips. The addition of Louis (djembe, spare percussion) and Blaire (accordion, tambourine) allowed several styles of music to coalesce into one congruent design.

Their first studio album, Neither He Who Plants Nor He Who Waters Is Anything, recorded at Dead Bird Studios in Louisville, was released in June 2009. The 11 track album features a variety of instrumentation, including accordion, banjo, toy piano, claves, didgeridoo, trumpet, and waist belts. The overall message of the album seeks to show the kind of growth that only God can give, and that without Him, the fruits of our labors will spoil.

AMR's blend of several styles of music has won them two battles of the bands and has gotten them invited to play Cornerstone Festival 2009 in Marietta, Illinois.

AMR is excited to see what the future holds for them.

All praise be to God.


Sea Song

Written By: A Mourning Rain

Come to the Father
The blood of the martyr runs like a river through here
A red current flowing, the ship takes a beating
With hands ten and two at the wheel
Save us from drowning (save us from drowning here)
The shipmen are frowning (the water inside my ears)
Their wives and their children are sleeping soundly (muffles the screams)
Oh sleeping soundly

Mercury Column

Written By: A Mourning Rain

I wish I would have walked a little longer in your shoes
So I could see how this road felt ‘neath your filthy soles
But I will not claim victory, no I tied your laces together
Just to watch myself fall, just to watch you fall
Will you frown at the merriment, this is all in fun
But no one likes a daylight drizzle, so bring the storm my way
And place it at my feet because my hands are heavy
With the weight of my pride
I will take this punch in stride
But I’ve held on with the strength of seven armies
But their grip will start to loosen pretty soon
But the one who swings a sword to stay alive
Won’t live to see the waning crescent moon

Broken Hinge

Written By: A Mourning Rain

You were just a poor boy my darling
Your father paid no mind, diverted his thinking
To more pressing matters, the children were secondary
To soften the blow before it takes my skull off its hinges
We’re building bridges, on which side of this
Barreling river will you choose to sit and quiver
It sure is breezy
Cause it’s cold in the autumn
No place for my sorrow
The air is thinning all the day
That I see your beautiful smile
I will drop to my weakening knees
And I’ll ask for relief from this burden
That piles so high on my shoulders
State your name son, you’re being talked to
Have some respect for your elders
Your teachers, your mother
Will never raise her fist in anger, no
She loves you though she’ll drag you
For miles through the muck and the mire

Filthy Rags

Written By: A Mourning Rain

I cast a golden calf each morning, I’m so sorry Father
I sprinkle the blood of an innocent lamb on its feet every hour
And by the next morning I don’t feel any better
But I sure have enough wool to make all of you sweaters
We are your children and we wear it with a badge of honor
But you were forsaken by your sons and daughters
Take us home my Lord


Neither He Who Plants Nor He Who Waters Is Anything

Set List

Our sets vary in time, depending on the show. We can play anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour.
We start off with our new songs, which all transition from one to the next without stopping (we have 6 new songs so far). Then we play our other songs from the album. We usually play between 4-6 of those as well, but can play less if need be.
1-6: new music
7. Broken Hinge
8. Rusty Gate
9. Sea Song
10. Filthy Rags
11. Mercury Column