AMOZEN has just recently finished their first full-length studio album entitled A MOment of ZEN, with songs spinning tales of love (for better or worse), political upheaval and social consciousness. Be sure to come and experience for yourself what Amozen has dubbed "Alternative Re-Jam"!


Originating from the humble peaks and valleys of Vermont and comprised of Blaine LaChance on rhythm guitar and vocals, Iain White on lead guitar and vocals, Big Matty Pendris on bass and harmonica and Matt Dulude on drums and percussion, AMOZEN blends personal lyrics with an impassioned reverence for multiple genres of music, including alternative, reggae, jazz, pop, rock, and blues, along with a taste of improv that grows stronger every time they occupy the stage. Built upon a love and appreciation for music that was bred long before they met, the band formed under the philosophy "Love the sound you've found."


Amozen - "A MOment of ZEN" 2008
1. Intro
2. A MOment of ZEN
3. Dim
4. New Year's Eve
5. Wheels Of Emotion
6. Build A Wall
7. B-Trail
8. Rasta Tear
9. Terminal
11. Welcome Home
12. Gotta Change

Amozen - "First Sounds EP" 2005
1. A MOment of ZEN
2. Unglued
3. B-Trail
4. Welcome Home
5. The Past

Set List

Amozen plays songs from their first full length album A MOment of ZEN along with a wide range of additional original material and selectively chosen covers.
Set lists vary with time available (from 25 minutes to 4 + hours).

Some Recently Performed Originals:

A MOment of ZEN
New Year's Eve
Wheels of Emotion
Build A Wall
Rasta Tear
Welcome Home
Gotta Change
Let Go
Slow Down Time
Glass Jars
Roscoe + Debbie
9 Months
Peanut Butter
4 Days

Some Recently Performed Covers:

Down In Mexico (The Coasters)
Beware! Criminal (Incubus)
Right Me Up (State Radio)
Midnight Rider (The Allman Brothers)
I Know You Rider (Various Artists)
5446 That's My Number (Toots And The Maytals)
Best Feeling (Keller Williams)
D'yer M'aker (Led Zeppelin)
Santeria (Sublime)