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AMP Trio

New York City, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2012

New York City, NY
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Jazz Pop


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"Amp Trio: M(y)our World"

Addison Frei/p, Matt  Young/dr and P errin Grace/b make up the well conversed Amp Trio, and show a lot of dexterity and interplay on this collection of originals. Frei has a lyrical touch and is able to dance around Grace’s thoughtful cymbals on pieces such as the buoyant “Riding Periphery” and relaxed “Phil’s Bill.” Brad Kang’s guitar adds effects to Grace’s nimble bass on the delicate “Circa” and Nick Rothouses’s percussion along with Drew Zaremba’s organmakes for extra octane on “Sun Rays.” Stately vocals by Tahira Clayton glides over the rumbling “Stand By You” and she sounds earnest over Young’s drum work on “Boundlessly in Balance.” This team feels like they are comfortable with each other and read themselves well while in the throes of a piece. Well delivered. - George W. Harris


AMP TRIO/m(y)our world: Expanding their sound for their second outing, these Texas jazzbos find that sweet spot where improv and notated come together in a lovely pairing that washes over you nicely. Smart jazzbos that know how to deliver without anyone looking over their shoulders, this is smart, contemporary jazz that was purely made to be enjoyed. Check it out. - Chris Spector

"CD Review: Amp Trio - M(Y)Our World"

For their sophomore release, M(Y)Our World, the members of Amp Trio -- Addison Frei on piano, Perrin Grace on bass and Matt Young on drums -- decided to not only record audio, but also video for the tracks on the album, making for a multimedia event. The album mixes lush orchestration with sparse tracks and breezy with the psychedelic to create an interesting sonic mix. By adding in guest appearances by Tahira Clayton on vocals, Brad Kang on guitar, Drew Zaremba on organ and Nick Rothouse on percussion, Amp Trio has expanded their sound, taking the listener on a sonic journey.

The album leads off with "Riding Periphery," a deceptively mellow number that showcases the considerable chops of each of the band's core members. Frei delivers some intricate piano runs, only to be matched by Grace and Young. It is a lush track and a strong opener. "Stand By You," one of four tracks to feature Clayton on vocals, follows. Propelled by Grace's driving bass, it is a breezy track with a strong vocal from Clayton.

The title track has a trippy intro and features Kang on guitar, whose bell-like single-note leads add to the track's dreamy landscape. Kang also features on "Circa," a song that shows the band's less is more attitude, allowing space for the instruments to ring out and breathe.

Clayton offers a sultry vocal on the torch song "Her Way In The Room," a pretty track that showcases the group's gift for melody. Less successful is "Dallas," a meandering track that never really gets going. The album closes with "Sun Rays." Kang returns on guitar and is joined by Zaremba on organ and Rothouse on percussion. All three player's contributions are readily apparent in this rhythmic track that takes many musical turns.

With M(Y)Our World, Amp Trio has crafted a strong sophomore release. The group has considerable chops, but also knows when to hold back. Sometimes knowing what not to play is as important as what is played and Amp Trio seems to get this. Well worth a listen. - General Jabbo

"AMP Trio Self-Releases 'm(y)our world,' an Undefinable Instrumental Collaboration [REVIEW]"

Enter AMP Trio, a supremely talented young band comprised of New Yorkers Addison Frei (piano), Perrin Grace (bass) and Texas drummer Matt Young (oftentimes vocalist Tahira Clayton makes it into a quartet). Recently, the two city boys flew west to their University of North Texas alma mater to complete their sophomore effort at Panhandle House Studios in Denton, TX where their drummer still resides. The result is m(y)our world, an instrumental beauty of power, strength, supple twists and turns, yet with a unity of vision created by the melding of three inventive minds totally in tune with each other. AMP Trio being 21st Century multi-media men, the project was conceived as both an audio CD and online video series which started on their 2013 Flow debut.

Besides performing in Canada, Brooklyn, Atlanta and the Jacksonville (Florida) Jazz Festival over the last three years, this Trio has also been serving as a rhythm section for projects by sax men Spenser Liszt (Until Further Notice) and Aaron Hedenstrom (A Moment of Clarity). Their video series is directed by Andy LaViolette. Yet it's here, on m(y)our world, where the particular charm of their collaborative efforts comes to the fore. Insinuating, jammy, funky yet oftentimes blissful, it points the way towards a bright future. Hey, I'm down with getting psyched about the latest unearthed treasures from the likes of Bird, Diz, Pops, Miles, 'Trane and Django but they're all dead, man. Support live jazz!

Jazz is a genre constantly in competition with its own history. Jazz fans probably buy more music from dead guys than in any other genre. This isn't exactly conducive for the future of the music. I mean, dead guys don't tour for one. Their music is set and static for eternity. The fact of the matter is that there are some amazing musicians straddling rock, jazz, Americana, classical, blues and fusions of all of the aforementioned. These cats need support in their independently produced and released projects, over and above supporting them live by going out and giving them the kind of love only an appreciative audience can deliver. - Mike Greenblatt

"Amp Trio: M(y)our World"

Here is another jazz confection that completely caught me off guard. Amp Trio is a group of young musicians hailing from Texas. Don't let the 'young' bit fool you, these guys are outstanding players and have that certain chemistry that all of the better jazz musicians seem to attain.

M(y)our World is the trio's second album. The players are Addison Frei (piano), Matt Young (drums) and Perrin Grace (bass) along with special guests Tahira Clayton (vocals on tracks 2,6,7,8), Brad Kang (guitar on tracks 3,4,10), Drew Zaremba (organ on track 10) and Nick Rothouse (percussion on track 10).
The album's first track "Riding Periphery" is a great example of what this CD has to offer. Softer piano motifs and gentle cymbal taps lead to more complex playing as the piano, bass and drums interact in a delightful manner with the focal point being a wonderful piano-led melody. On the slow paced but jaunty "Stand By You" the band slips and slides alongside Clayton's sultry lead vocals in the tradition of classic jazz while the title track is a much more atmospheric offering and slightly darker toned with guest musician Brad Kang adding outstanding liquid-like lead guitar. "Circa" is another atmospheric piece with moody piano-led soundscapes whereas "Boundlessly In Balance" offers a breath of nostalgia with Clayton's romantic style vocals and dynamic changes in tempo. I could go on but I will leave the rest in your capable hands.
The best way to make this band a part of your world is to give them your full support and buy their album. They really deserve it as M(y)our World is an excellent contemporary jazz album with a fresh take on blending killer melodies with improvisation and the written form. Check out their website and Facebook page for more information.

Track Listing:
1. Riding Periphery
2. Stand By You
3. M(y)our World
4. Circa
5. Boundlessly In Balance
6. Culture
7. Dallas
8. Her Way In The Room
9. Phil S Bill
10. Sun Rays - Jon Neudorf

"Jazz Artist Profile and Album Review: AMP Trio and "m(y)our world""

Collecting their first names into the acronym “AMP,” pianist Addison Frei, drummer Matt Young and bassist Perrin Grace convene for their second album as AMP Trio entitled m(y)our world. The album, scheduled for release on November 6th, will be combined with an online video series directed by Snarky Puppy collaborator Andy LaViolette.

Who They Are

The recording marks a return of the trio to Denton, Texas, where they met while attending the University of North Texas. Frei started his career as a pianist at age 10, when he began playing professionally at clubs and restaurants in the Lawrence, Kansas area. Over the course of the last three years, Frei has scored first prize at the Jacksonville Jazz Piano Competition and has been a finalist at a host of other competitions. Along with a fair number of awards and invitations to perform and teach in residence, the New York-based pianist has worked with the likes of Christian McBride and Mike Stern.

Fellow New Yorker Perrin Grace has joined Frei in a number of residencies (including the 2014 Betty Carter Jazz Ahead confab) and, while currently pursuing his Master’s Degree at the Manhattan School of Music, he’ll retreat to Amsterdam for this year’s Keep An Eye jazz program.

Currently under the tutelage of bassist Jay Anderson, Grace has performed in a dozen states across the country as well as in Japan, Canada and Korea.

While Frei and Grace make their homes in New York, Atlanta native Matt Young continues to make his home in Texas, plying his craft in the Dallas area. Like his cohorts, Young’s resume is a hearty mix of residencies, tours, awards and collaborations, including time with the likes of Mike Stern.

Their New Record

Performing together on their new set of 10 originals, these youngsters demonstrate why the world has pricked up its collective ears and paid attention to that they’re doing. The record opens quietly and tactfully with a Young composition, “Riding Periphery.” Following the lineage that traces the work of Herbie Hancock, Billy Childs and Orrin Evans, Frei breathes with introspection then bursts at the seams with enthusiasm. Grace’s ease with his instrument kindles thoughts of McBride’s more modern forays while Young’s playing is clean and contained.

Tahira Clayton’s vocal work on the second cut, Frei’s “Stand By You,” is able-bodied but unspectacular, though a fourth voice does add nice some harmonic texture the tune’s Latin groove. Of the four vocal cuts on the record, three of which were composed by Frei, the most interesting is Perrin’s “Dallas.” He’s a better poet than his piano-playing colleague and Clayton’s contribution is deeper and more earthy than on the other cuts.

The tenth (and last) track on the record, Grace’s “Sun Rays,” is particularly strong, a medium tempo number with the elegant groove of Abdullah Ibrahim’s early 80s work. Drew Zaremba’s contribution on the organ adds an especially smooth vibe to the tune, which rocks nicely as it builds to a finish. Frei’s interplay with with guest guitarist Brad Kang is also quite spectacular on Young’s composition, “Circa.”

The Final Word

Though the AMP Trio suffers mildly from a little compositional immaturity, that’s a small criticism in the greater scheme of things. Their ideas are strong, they seek to expand on the language of the genre and they certainly are prodigiously talented young playes. - Michael Verity


Music for the visual? Amp Trio does both an audio recording and a video series with m(y)our world (2015).

The musicians are Addison Frei, piano; Matt Young, drums; and Perrin Grace, bass. Special guests who appear on selected tracks are Tahira Clayton, voice; Brad Kang, guitar; Drew Zaremba, organ; and Nick Rothouse, percussion.

Clayton joins the trio for “Stand by You.” It’s an upbeat title, driven by Grace’s riveting bass line. Frei’s piano play gives the song a touch of beauty and elegance. The lyrics speaks of friendship, as Clayton sings, “Stand by me, and I will always stand by you.”

Clayton joins again for the haunting ballad, “Boundlessly in Balance.” Her soulful singing is an ideal complement to the instruments. After two passes on the theme, the music shifts gears, becoming more passionate, more intense. Instead of a romantic vibe, it takes on an air of danger, drama, suspense. The moment passes, and we’re back to the tranquil ballad briefly before shifting back into high gear. This time, the instruments take over, with the piano serving up a fiery solo. Clayton returns with the theme will the band is still in high gear, softening one last time for the closing sequence.

For “Phil S Bill,” the trio plays it straight. It’s a delightful, moderate piece in which all three plays shine. The piano is out front most of the way, but the bass gets a moment to stretch out. Young plays softly on the front end, but as the song progresses, he picks up his intensity and enjoys a call-and-response sequence at the song’s peak. All three heat up at the conclusion.

Amp Trio released Flow in 2013 and toured the United States and Canada over the past three years. Performance venues include the Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn, the Velvet Note in Atlanta, and the Jacksonville Jazz Festival. - Woodrow Wilkins



“Enter AMP Trio, a supremely talented young band comprised of New Yorkers Addison Frei (piano), Perrin Grace (bass) and Texas drummer Matt Young.” - Mike Greenblatt, Classicalite

Now in their 5th year as a band AMP Trio prepares for their third full length record. Their first Flow, released on Armored Records in 2013, gave them a look into the music industry and life on the road, touring the US and Canada. Their first tour included performances at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival, the Velvet Note in Georgia and Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn, NY.

Their second album m(y)our world was a self-released collaborative project directed by Snarky Puppy videographer Andy LaViolette. In 2015-2016 the album was frequently played on radio stations across the US, Canada bringing it up to #24 in the Jazz Week radio charts. The group even received airplay across the UK as well as in Greece, Germany and Switzerland.  AMP Trio’s m(y)our world videos was viewed world-wide as well and even featured on blogs such as Reddit.

AMP Trio has performed and recorded as the rhythm section for many other musicians such as John Raymond, Tim Green, Quamon Fowler, Drew Zaremba, Spenser Liszt and Sky Window.  Each member has been a participant in Betty Carter’s Jazz Ahead program and was collectively invited to participate in the 2014 Steans Institute residency at Ravinia.

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