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Tucson, Arizona, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Tucson, Arizona, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Electronic Instrumental




"Tune: Amparo - Raise Your Eyes"

Take a moment (or six) out of your day to indulge in the mysterious Amparo. Her debut single, “Raise Your Eyes,” is more than worth it. Carving out its own “spaces and time,” it possesses the unique ability to distance the listener farther from reality with every repetition. The hypnotic track uses all six minutes to form its ethereal tale in tinkling, swelling, and booming synths. A female voice soothingly spouts picturesque phrases overtop the crisp production, together churning at the perfect tempo to achieve tranquility.

Here’s what she has to say about her sound:

Over miles of land and separated by borders of lines, we write and create to complete what is missing within. Between the distance and unknown, we find a common thread that moves us forward. No expectations are set, only the desire to share who we’ve become. - Swell Tone

"Chill Vibes: Amparo releases instrumental track “Lada”"

Amparo recently released a track that is perfect for a late summer night. “Lada” is an instrumental-electronic track that speaks volumes through its sounds.

In the place where she is, there is warmth and comfort, a feeling of you are home.

As soon as you press play, you will be warped into Amparo’s world. The chill atmospheric track is meant to be played outdoors, on a warm summer night. Add this track to your beach vibes playlist. Check out “Lada” below. - Music and Other Drugs

"Amparo - Cloud Wrangler"

Amparo just released an EP titled Cloud Wrangler on Texas label SVNSET W?VES, and it’s a good one.

I’ve been a fan of Amparo’s productions since I stumbled upon her Soundcloud a few months back.

In Spanish, “amparo” means “shelter” – which seems very fitting given the nurturing atmospheres in Amparos productions, which are always heavy on vibe and depth.

When I listen to Amparo’s latest EP, it’s more of the same – and that’s a very good thing. Amparo consistently produces tracks with relaxing melodies, lively percussion.

Amparo loves to travel, and when I listen to Cloud Wrangler it feels like I am taking a journey along with her.

The lush atmospheres remind me of walking through a living forest, with lots of little things happening all around.

Through an excellent use of reverb and sampling, Amparo achieves a high degree of chillness in her productions.

Melodies come and go, but the theme persists through every track, each gentler than the last.

While this EP is only about 15 minutes in total length, it feels like a complete set, and one I enjoyed listening to over and over, each time finding something new to enjoy about it.

Highly recommend you check out this awesome emerging artist, if you’re in the mood for some relaxing, interesting electronic music. - Sonaris Music

"Amparo Delivers Chill Wonder"

There's something about visual artists and producing electronica on the chiller side. Perhaps it is because as designers or photographers or both, as is the case with Tycho's Scott Hansen, there's so much patience and preparation—waiting for that perfect shot, or the hours spent hunched over a computer adjusting pixel after pixel. There's a complicated, consistent persistence in those fields, and it's maybe a thought that the musical output that flows from these types lives in that same world of lush, beautiful orchestration and delicate builds and harmonies.

Amparo, a photographer based in Arizona, does everything in her power not to crush my nascent theory. Her new tune, “We Only Hang Out In My Dreams,” is a dreamy number that cautiously adds layer after layer of light, melodic elements upon a cozy, crisp frame. It's powerful in its simplicity, and soothing in execution. A newcomer to our radar, we're excited to hear more from a unique sonic vantage. - The Untz


Still working on that hot first release.



Amparo is an instrumental-electronica producer and photographer based in Tucson, Arizona. Amparo has a deep appreciation for nature and the outdoors - All of which can be heard and seen in her work.

"I’ve always had a tough time staying in one place for too long. Whether it’s exploring the nearby mountain tops or throwing myself into a distant country - it’s the journey along the way that leaves the biggest impact on my life. I believe you can hear some of those moments in Cloud Wrangler and I hope it’s an album you can enjoy wherever you’re are." - Amparo 

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