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The best kept secret in music


"AMPED CMW 2003 Review"

“Don't be surprised if you start hearing a lot more from Amped in the next little while. They bring the kick-ass mentality that every serious rock-star contender requires and have the music to back it up.”

Rob Kingston
- Chart Attack

"AMPED Live"

“I have had the pleasure of seeing the band play live twice. Its obvious the audience loves what these guys do. Their showcase at Sneaky Dees during Canada Music Week was the best audience reaction I've ever seen at one of these gigs.”

Greg Simpson
- Mindbenders Music

"AMPED CD Review"

“Make no mistake about it: Rob Turner, Corey Favell, Josh Bigger and Mark Fougere, who make up the explosive pop/punk band Amped based out of St. Catharines, Ont., know how to rock and roll. They also know how to write catchy, hook-filled music that will reel in the young folks and probably quite a few of their parents.”

Raymond J.
- The Journal Pioneer

"Review: Rude & Tattooed"

“AMPED's debut album, Rude & Tattooed, has actually been out a while now, but it keeps gaining momentum as the St. Catharines band continues to gig heavily. Nothing highly original here, but they do that pop-punk thing better than many of those on major labels.”

- Tandem Magazine

"Move Over Sum 41 and Blink 182"

“This band is clearly on their way up to bigger concerts, more radio airplay and more fans - all of which they are deserving with their solid tunes.”

Lisa Jorgensen - Abbottsford Mission Times


“From the new Canadian punk mecca of St. Catharines, Ont., Amped offer a more organic sound than their peers in bands like Sum 41. The songs are less polished, cutesy. They bring to mind pre-Nirvana punk, back when "alternative" music still meant something.”

Dave Gauvin

- Life & Times

"AMPED: Rude & Tattooed"

“From St. Catharines, Ontario, Amped play mid-paced power pop in the vein of MxPx and Good Charlotte. Vocals and backing vocal harmonies are the driving force behind this band, and are accomplished with excellent craft. Most of the lyrics focus around simple teenage subjects such as friendship, girls, and having fun. All 12 tracks on 'Rude & Tattooed' are instantly catchy.

Paul Silbiger
- Unrestrained

"Rude & Tattooed"

“Rude & Tattooed is extremely catchy. Every song has a really fun, sing-along aspect to it. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t stop singing a couple songs on the album. It’s nice to listen to a band that keeps things simple. For some bands, you need a university degree to understand what they’re saying.”

Michael Bochoff
- Great White Noise


2001 - Rude & Tattooed


Feeling a bit camera shy


Sometimes the perfect elements for a band to achieve success and stardom are the most basic ones. Hard work, sacrifice, supportive friends and family, and a keen sense of humor will always get you through. Just ask the members of AMPED.

Hailing from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, the four members of AMPED have spent the past five years honing their craft in the punk/alternative music genre. Writing songs, practicing, gigging, working crappy day jobs (two of the members are factory workers, one a personal fitness trainer, and the other a leak detection consultant), and all the time focusing on their ultimate goal, international stardom.

Since 1999, AMPED have built up their credibility as one of Canada’s premiere emerging punk bands by staying true to their vision. They have opened for such acts as seminal punk godfathers Teenage Head, Reverend Horton Heat, Sum 41, and Blink 182. In 2003 they emerged from the Canadian Music Week conference as one of the Top 10 bands showcasing, and CTV National News featured them as one of Canada’s hottest independent bands. They also found time to record and release their independent release “Rude & Tattooed” which to date has sold over 5,000 copies. Not a bad year at all.

With all of this attention given to their hard work it was only a matter of time before the Rock and Roll gods smiled upon them to take them to the next level. They met up with the executives at Elm Rock Productions who were instantly blown away by their incredible songs and high energy performance. A 3-album deal was instantly struck and, one month later, AMPED found themselves on a plane to LA to go into the studio with record producer Scott Hackwith (Dig, Ramones, Iggy Pop).

“It was such a cool experience suddenly being in LA, staying at a Hostel down the street from the recording studio in West Hollywood and everyday getting to just record music. We suddenly realized that everything that we had done so far was finally starting to pay off” says lead singer Rob Turner.

AMPED and producer Scott Hackwith emerged from the studio with the band’s 2005 label debut “Just Another Day”. Jam-packed with high-energy, alternative punk anthems such as the first single “Broken”, the release is sure to establish AMPED as a major force to contend with, not only in their home country of Canada, but the US and the rest of the world.

Set for a June release in Canada and an early fall release in the US, AMPED have already begun what is sure to be a jam-packed year of hard work promoting the new release. Starting in April, AMPED will by touring the Eastern Seaboard of the US with The Dolly Rots, shooting their video for the single “Broken” and playing all over Canada.

Yes, AMPED have stayed true to their vision and kept the basic elements for success in life, and now they are poised to let the world get AMPED with them.