Amphetish [amp-fetish] adj. - the aggression of punk, melodic sound of pop, the looks of a New York Boy Band and the social views of the Dalai Lama.


In a world instilled with fear and social conditioning, Amphetish aims to release the tension with a remedial massage of hard hitting melodic punk tunes that scream social upheaval and political revolt. However there’s still the odd anti-love song for those passionate/passionless fans.

Freshly formed (2004) with a fresh sound likened to a mongrel version of Pennywise, The Offspring and Blueline Medic, Amphetish are ready to bite the ass end out of a ripe and ready market.


The Fan - download at
Wake Up - download at

Set List

Set list is always changing. If you have a favorite come to a show and request it.