Burton, Michigan, USA

Amplaphi is a 3 peice original rock band from Burton, MI who are looking for label and National booking agency support, as well as clothing and equipment endorsements. For inquires, and press kits contact: Jeff Cronkright or


Amplaphi's sound can be described as well rounded rock 'n' roll with memorable melodies, strong vocals, driving guitar work and a very versatile rhythm section. Each member's talent collectively ensures that Amplaphi will be a well known name upon today's rock scene.

Formed in Burton, Michigan, a small town just outside of Flint, in the summer of 2004. After just a few rehearsals, it became very clear, that collaborating with one another was like second nature. The upcoming sessions would ultimately become the songs that you can hear on the bands debut EP, entitled "Thorns". And from that point, songwriting became what Amplaphi would strive for, for years to come.

A song is a glimpse into someone else's life. You may not be able to see it, but you can still experience what the feelings were inside that person at the given time. It's like everyday life translated into music.

The band features the heartfelt vocals and the ever diverse guitar work of Singer/Guitarist Japheth Boivin, the heavy hitting drums of John Cronkright, and the tasteful creativeness of bass player Jeff Cronkright.

The bands influences range from bands such as 3 Doors Down, Default and Theory of a Deadman to bands like A Perfect Circle, and Mad at Gravity.

Amplaphi recently finished an independently released CD entitled "Make Amends".

The new album was done 100% by the band, from recording, editing and mixing, to the album design and the manual packaging of the discs.

Make Amends benefits from strong songs. Thorns definitely served it's purpose, but Make Amends is a step in a new direction, one that shows the bands creativeness and diversity.

The three members have put their whole hearted effort into this band, to fulfill their passion for writing and playing music. Amplaphi have put together their years of music experience and their diverse tastes for all types of music, and have come up with something that appeals to a wide range of listeners.

Amplaphi's tasteful blend, of melodies, and hard rock riffs, give a time to shine to each member, and also make for an energetic and captivating live performance. Amplaphi is here to showcase their feelings and emotions through their music.


Long Way to Fall

Written By: Amplaphi

Verse 1

tell me a story about a washed up has been who sells his soul to pay my bills
I've lived a life of lust I drink too much but I never seem to get my fill
you think I'm made of clay I'm not built that way so shut your mouth and stop pretending
one day you'll tread on me your strikes count three and I predict a tragic ending


it's a long way to fall
for one last chance to give it all

Verse 2

tell me another tale of how you think I'll fail it's a jagged pill for me to swallow
someday you'll limp away you'll cry in pain I refuse to lead but I won't follow

First Step

Written By: Amplaphi

Verse 1

I've grown so tired of playing games with my mind
but it's what I do all the time
for my life I've no one else to blame
but it's so damn hard to find my way


one step one breath
I'm leaving everything I've taken as I wash it all away

Verse 2

all my life I've shunned the light inside
always so afraid that i'd go blind
I fled so far trying to outrun time
but now there's nowhere left to hide


I've spent my life seeking sympathy
my wasted breath screams for apathy
but now I know that it all begins with...

The End

Written By: Amplaphi

Verse 1

sometimes I lie awake just to watch you breathe
I feel myself reaching out for something I can't keep
they always say that we'll find a way to end this story
then I awoke to the day when I closed my eyes and let the words start pouring...


you're never wrong I'm never right
I just want to pass this moment in time
so save your breath just hold your words
don't say these things that I don't deserve

Verse 2

you'd rather turn your back than watch me weep
I feel you push away while you're holding me
they always say that we'll find a way to end this story
then I closed my eyes and let the words start pouring...


Thorns (EP) 2004
Make Amends (LP) 2005
The Low Road (EP) 2006

Set List

Amplaphi performs mainly original material.

First Step
Bury You
Be Alive
Open Your Eyes
Long Way to Fall
The End
Make Amends
Low Road
No Turning Back
Not 'Round Here
Where I Belong
Falling Apart
Fading Away

Amplaphi set's usually last 35-45 minutes.
*Songs played and order are set to change.