We love to work and write songs together and we take any opportunity to jam or rehearse. Music is great it is a big part in our lives and we take it VERY seriously. We want to find more places were we can play around LA so if anyone has a suggestion please let us know. Are goal is to premote ourself


Amplifianation used to be known as PPI (public punks ink) but when their genre switched to grunge they desided a different name was needed and Amplifianation was chosen. When they werre know as PPI they had a different bass player who dropped out/kicked out. We are only 13 and inspired by the sex pistols, the stone temple pilots, NIRVANA, and RED HOT CHILI PEPPPERS! And Lenny Kravitz inspired them to home record.


We are in the studio and are planning to release an album by June (tentative).