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AmpsÂ’ songs reflect his philosophy that at some point, Christians must decide to silence their thoughts and Live Out Loud!


It was inevitable that hip-hop artist John Mark Thomas would be anything less than a musical force. Raised on blues and barbecue, the Mississippi native follows a century old tradition of soulful southern artists who, through the years have morphed from their origins of blues and gospel into a clever brand of vigorous hip-hop. Now known to a growing audience as Amplified, Thomas is shaking the Tampa Bay area with a reverberating thunder. He is a regional success with a prominent bay area fan base and a growing reputation throughout the southeast. His reputation has landed such gigs as Flavor Fest in Tampa, where he shared the stage with Remnant Militia and GMA Week in Nashville. Amplifieds revealing lyrics and innovative beats prompted Feed Magazine to note, "...Amplified will be a strong force in the Hip Hop arena." This strength is evident in the intense single Endure, featuring Bonafide of GRITS. In this track, Amplified allows his heart to bleed across the sound waves as he portrays the natural human longing for Providence in a world full of disillusionment. The overwhelming success of Endure led the way to a spot on DJ Forms nationally distributed, The Next Mix Tape: On Deck Circle in 2005. Amps is currently in the studio with Bobby Tinsley, Golden Child, and D.J. Dust (Mars ill) putting the finishing touches on his much anticipated LP to be released in 2006. When all is said and done, Amplifieds first and foremost commitment is to his two children who are his inspiration in all he does. Find Amplified at


Open Ya Eyes

Written By: John Mark Thomas

Hook: open up ya eyes dont remain blind...look up to the sky you'll see that Christ shines...let that pain go even though its up ya eyes ya soul and let it go...
Verse 1(Optimus)
Open ya mind rewind time rewind us..our rhymes bus' w/ mind thrust watch ya spines duck...line up to get bent ya best bets to repent before judgement day comes the vengement commence ya next ta get sentenced ta death...ya neck gets wrecked when ya flesh is stenched w/ sin it's dominant lackin common sense man's incompetent