Early in 2008, AmpLive releasing his critically acclaimed Rainydayz Remixes of Radiohead's album, In Rainbows. Since then, he has firmly established himself in the indie music scene with remixes for Of Montreal, MGMT, Tokyo Police Club, Jamie Lidell, Tapes N Tapes, and WHY? to name a few.


Originally known only to backpackers and indie hip hop heads, AmpLive, Bay Area producer and the turntable-manning half of Zion I, had one hell of a 2008.

After initially invoking the ire of Brit art-rock titans Radiohead with an unsanctioned remix record of In Rainbows, a groundswell of fan-made YouTube clip, snarky Pitchfork news stories and all stripes of online support would convince Thom Yorke and company to greenlight the release of Rainydayz Remixes. Featuring eight tracks, most bearing exclusive verses from MCs like Del The Funky Homosapien, Too Short and Jurrasic 5’s Chali2NA, the album was an absolute sensation, winning praise from Wired, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and a host of others, while netting over 180k downloads from one location.

AmpLive parlayed this attention into a host of other remix gigs. Throughout 2008 he reworked music from a veritable who’s who of indie rock – Of Montreal, MGMT, The Jealous Girlfriends, Tokyo Police Club, Jamie Lidell, Tapes N Tapes, and more – often adding his hip hop flare with guest verses from MCs like Aesop Rock, Mistah F.A.B. and his own Zion I partner Zumbi. His work has become a staple of the blogosphere and won praise in the pages of Spin, New York Mag, Remix Mag and more.

2009 finds AmpLive working with and remixing an even more impressive list of artists, including The Submarines and WHY?, while releasing the latest from Zion I, his electro project Electrowonderland 2 "Murder at the Discoteck", and gearing up for the follow up to Rainydayz Remixes.


- Rainydayz Remixes
1. Rainydayz
2. Video Tapez (ft. Del The Funky Homosapien)
3. Nudez (ft. Too $hort & MC Zumbi of Zion I)
4. Weird Fishez
5. All I Need
6. 15 Stepz (ft. Codany Holiday)
7. Reckonerz (ft. Chali2na)
8. Faustz

Remix Singles
- The Jealous Girlfriends RMX
- MGMT vs of Montreal Remix (feat. Mistah Fab) - MGMT
- The Dirty Dirty Remix - Tapes 'n Tapes
- Baskervilles Remix (feat. Aesop Rock & Yak Ballz) - Tokyo Police Club
- Out Of My System Remix (feat. Zion I) - Jamie Lidell
- All I Wanna Do Remix (feat Codany Holiday) - Jamie -Lidell
- 1940 Remix - The Submarines
- Smoke In My Eyes Club Remix - The Early States
- The Vowels, Pt. 2 Remix - WHY?

Original Singles
- Gary Is A Robot
1. Gary Is A Robot (feat. Micro Jaxson & Trackademics)
2. Get Served Feat Myka Nyne

Set List

30-60 min DJ set ranging from original remixes & in-studio produced tracks to live mashups & appearances by guest MCs & vocalists.