No holds-barred pedal to the medal midwest hard rocknroll.


Rock papers throughout the country caught on to the classic hard rock antics of AmpsII Eleven making this blue collar band a contender for being ‘Best Album Of 2004’ in more than one critic's opinion. Creem Magazine wrote "Attempting to go to 11 can be risky business, but these boys seem to have made it with the drummer intact…”Gas Ass Or Grass,” “Waste Of A Pretty Face,” “Jesus Hates Cleveland,” “My Life Is Shit (But Hey, Thanks For Asking),” are soon-to-be Classics, in title, content and balls to the wall." Amps II Eleven rock so hard that made the bold declaration "The Darkness is getting a lot of attention for reviving metal, but these guys got 'em beat hands down. This ladies and gentlemen, germs, bastards, kids, is one of the best albums of 2004." And Amplifier Magazine added "If you had to put a gutsy rock 'n’ roll album from the year 2004 in a time capsule, this is it."

Amps II Eleven, who have shared the stage with numerous rock 'n' roll luminaries including Marky Ramone, Brother Wayne Kramer, Thin Lizzy, DRI, Bad Wizard, Cobra Verde, Backyard Babies, All Night, High On Fire, Nashville Pussy, Gaza Strippers, New Bomb Turks and Alabama Thunderpussy, are glad to be hitting the road again. The band is likewise honored to be nominated for the second year in a row as the Best Hard Rock Band of the year by the Cleveland Free Times. Honored, they said, to be invited to "drink all the booze at the rewards ceremony." The hard rocking band who toured nationally last year will be taking their boozing and antics on the road yet again
this March.

The band's self-titled album was recorded and engineered by the band’s guitarist, Attila Csapo, and Silent Brian in early 2004. It was produced by Csapo and Amps II Eleven at Sound City Parma in Parma, OH (a top-of-the line 24 track, 2" analog studio that Csapo built). The band came together in late 2002 forming from the remains of three previous Cleveland bands: Stepsister, Southern Trespass and Shuteye. The band easily live up to their moniker, routinely being hailed as the loudest band on the bill.
The band also embodies the true spirit of their hometown: gritty, tough, hard drinking and equally hard working. Amps II Eleven proudly cites their influences, including bands like G'N'R, UFO, ZZ Top, Ramones, Pink Fairies, Grand Funk Railroad, Stooges, LA Guns, Sir Lord Baltimore, Stiff Little Fingers, Thin Lizzy, Motorhead, Pagans, Kyuss, MC5, Radio
Birdman, The Saints, Lynyrd Skynryd, Motorhead, Fu Manchu, Rolling Stones and Hawkwind.


s/t CD Smog Veil Records, 2004
tracks available also from iTunes
college radio airplay throughout the Unites States

Set List

headline sets up to 1.5 hours, support sets per arrangement, (Jailbait). Original tracks: 1. "2% Rippers," 2. "Gas, Ass or Grass," 3. "Bourbon Sprawl," 4. "Dirty Handshakes," 5. "Waste Of A Pretty Face," 6. "Denim And Daggers," 7. "Put Down A Hype," 8. "Jesus Hates Cleveland," 9. "Blood Runs Black," 10. "Manic Defensive," 11. "My Life Is Shit (but hey, thanks for asking)," and 12. "State Road Strangler."