Amrev II

Amrev II


soundtrack for the revolution amigos!




So many people

Written By: amrev 2

so many people in the world today are used and abused and being led astray.
I say let's come together and make a new day, a new start, change direction, we have gone the wrong way.
Life is what you make it, it's your choice to choose.
When someone else choose, me say that's when you lose.
Time is so short, we don't got time to snooze.
Meditate, celebrate, walk in someone else' shoes
I know things are looking bleak.
But they could always get better.
What gives us these hopes,
probably all of the hemp that we smoke. (repeat)

So don't let the evil forces let you down.
Cause the sun seems to shine whenever your around.
Your strength is so great but you can't see it now,
how could you my friend you've been bruised and shot down.
A slap in the face like a kick in the teeth.
YOU can't stop now, cause you're in this too deep.
It's tatooed in your brain like the ink in your skin.
Submission's no option,
your in this to win
(chorus repeat)


DEMO CDEP, "2004"
couple o covers sampler cdep
Break it Down, cdlp
we are played on many satelite and online radio stations, more than we know about that's for sure.

Set List

Our set can and does range from 20 minutes to 3 hours depending on if we are playing an overbooked all ages show or by ourselves for an entire night at a bar.