Amskray is an explosive force that takes over your entire body. Its a big swirl of sound layered over complex rhythms and intricate melodies that can't be summed into one genre. Its an original sound not yet created on Earth.


Amskray is an original idea.
It is a collective establishment music of ideas put together by its four members.
The group has a chemistry not seen in today's scene,
a sense of harmony built by an ongoing friendship, and a desire to rock-the-fuck-out.
"Start A Culture" marks the bands first leap into the world.
Its five tracks swarm together, creating a wide-open look into the space that divides and connects all of us.
It kicks off with "The Limit Express" - an explosive opener that set the tone just right
and makes all the room for the rest of the four tracks.
That room is then filled with intricate parts that at times grab you and throw you into the back and forth sway of the ocean,
tearing at you, forcing your body to move, and then it spits you out onto its sunset filled shore.
The album is a great look at the group's potential and a true showcase of the bands originality.


"Start A Culture" - 2009
"Spring Demos" - 2009
"Hands ep" 2007
All albums and music can be found @

Set List

Our sets usually run for a half hour,
but we are more than comfortable playing an hour/hour and a half sets,
as well as just one song.
The sets usually include all our new material for the shorter sets,
but if we have time we'll dig into older stuff.
We're an original band, a group
We don't play covers