AM Static

AM Static

 Calgary, Alberta, CAN

A mix of haunting vocals, lush guitars and electronic beats. We take a lot of influence from Boards of Canada, Radiohead, Fourtet and Portishead.


Since late 2011, AM Static has been the collaborative effort of local folk talent Chris Austman and producer/engineer Nils Mikkelsen. Both drawing immense influence from a myriad of electronic artists (from Boards of Canada to Flying Lotus) and compositional innovators (Andrew Bird to Radiohead) AM Static achieves a healthy balance between the electronic crowd's need for the beat and the pop crowd's desire for songwriting and human feel.


"Roots Between the Stones"

Coming out in May 2013

Past material listenable at

Set List

1) Sum - 3:18
2) Rolling Clouds - 3:36
3) Forever Onward - 4:55
4) Stone's Throw - 5:00
5) Second Time - 3:24
6) Dandelion Seeds - 5:00
7) Glaciers - 7:00
8) Twisted Nerve - 4:00

* Some song lengths quoted are accurate to live length and not recorded length.