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This band has not uploaded any videos


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My first EP is called Scars & Stripes and I am currently trying to get it some reviews and airplay via commercial, local and internet radio stations and other musical review mediums.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Daniel Rodriguez was born in Brooklyn, New York. He was raised in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. He like so many others in Brooklyn came from a single-family household. The household consisted of 5 kids and his mother. Amsterdamn is the second oldest of the kids. Am first fell in love with hip-hop when he heard “Microphone Fiend” by Eric B. and Rakim Allah. Public Enemy would solidify that love. Am started writing hip-hop after the murder of his father. Hip-hop is important to him because he dedicates his talent to the memory of his father and the struggles of his mother.

To describe his style of emceeing is fresh, sociopolitical, culturally aware, universal, fun, and innovative. Am’s music and message does not only touches on his experiences as young African American / Puerto Rican in America. It touches on being a son of fatherless household, a young man finding his own way, a man taking on responsibilities of himself and his community, and just surviving as a civil human being. Having fun while doing those things is a fringe benefit to him.

Am has done open mics at various clubs in Brooklyn (i.e. Club Ovassions). He also performed at open mics with clubs associated with NYU student associations. Am enjoys performing just as much as he loves being in a recording studio. Daniel tries to find truth and substance in everything, but he loves having fun. Don’t get it twisted. The name Amsterdamn is an acronym. It stands for “All Must Strive To Evolve Righteousness Destroys All Mental Negativity”! It also represents his love for New York. Amsterdamn is a die-hard New Yorker.

Amsterdamn’s goals in the music industry are to become a great artist and performer. After his run as a performer, he wants to start working behind the scenes in promotions, marketing, and distribution. Amsterdamn would like to keep bringing great music to the public as long as he can. Hip-hop is his love, his passion, and his voice to the world. He is the truth. Peace