Amsterdam Saints

Amsterdam Saints


Travelling from the city of Amsterdam to audiences all over the world,

the Amsterdam Saints bring you their own mix of jazz, funk & rock 'n roll.


Using a guitar, bass and drumkit they explore the nuances of different musical textures through
original compositions, blending different ingredients (from Afro Beat, via Bossa Nova up to
Jazz Rock) together to make each song have it's own unique taste.

Each bandmember uses it's broad experience and musical ability to add to a sound that's
pleasing to both the casual listener who's just passing by, and to the music-junkie sleeping
in front of the venue to get the first ticket.
A band well known for their catchy themes, and for their spontaneous improvised playing,
the Amsterdam Saints are not to be missed when playing in your neighborhood.

Guitar - Rob Verbakel
Bass - Maarten Bakker
Drums - Willem Smid


Amsterdam Saints - Marching In, 2012 Moncq Records