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Outspoken Rhode Island politico/socio rapper, Ams Uno, is 1/3 of the legendary RI trio ClokWorx and member of the talented Labeless Crew


Speaking out against what he sees in hip-hop, politics & religion, Ams Uno steps forth as a self-proclaimed B-Boy & prophet of hip-hop, much as KRS-One had done several years before. Ams Uno, one third of the Woonsocket, Rhode Island hip-hop group ClokWorx and childhood friend of Sage Francis first appeared on the underground scene with their 1999 debut 12" release " Mental Flux b/w Time In This Career/World Of Truth" which earned them a spot on the 1999 Lyricist lounge tour, their 2001 sophomore 12"- " Preservative b/w Who's That/Robots" which was produced by D-Tension (Apathy, Akrobatik, Mr. Lif) and Celph Titled (Apathy, Demigodz), and the 2003 critically acclaimed full length release "Microchips" as well as his 2003 solo EP "Amsthrax".

Now with successful LP, EP & two 12" singles under his belt, Ams Uno steps forth with his new full length release "Animated Stagnation (The Day Of Devotion Relived)" which features the singles/videos "They Murk You", "My Own Prison" & "Eighty Ate Emcees". Each track brings you into the two part mind of Ams Uno, one of raw B-boy, the other that of a lyrical perspective. "Animated Stagnation” features production from, Ams Uno, DJ Orator aka The G.M.O, Missing Elements, The 6th Persona, Esh and guest appearances by Cas Uno, Missing Elements, Roman Rok, The G.M.O.& more. "Animated Stagnation (The Day Of Devotion Relived)" has been making a buzz for quite some time and is eagerly anticipated by his fan base and fans of the underground brand of RI hip-hop.

Ams Uno comments, "I put the last three years into this album and I have a lot to say and I decided to ride with CommonWealth Records again because I got a lot of shit to do and say, and I know CommonWealth won't hold me back or censor my music plus the entire company will push the CD to the maximum because they truly love and respect my music. I am very excited about the whole thing".

"Ams Uno - Animated Stagnation" in stores & online now!!!


2007 - Ams Uno - Animated Stagnation CD
2007 - Various - Remixed & Rarities CD
2005 – Ams Uno – The Day Of Devotion CD
2002 - Ams Uno - Amsthrax EP
2002 - ClokWorx - Microchips CD
2002 - Ams Uno - Your Brain On Ams/Brimstone & Fire 7"
2001 - ClokWorx - Preservatives/Who's That/Robots 12"
1999 - Various - Mind, Money & Mayhem CD
1998 - ClokWorx - Mental Flux b/w Time In This Career/World Of Truth 12"