AM Syndicate

AM Syndicate


Smooth and dancey music that comes from the soul.


The Austin TX-based band AM Syndicate formed in the spring of 2004
from the remaining members of the art-rock project Adolfo's Reversal.
AM Syndicate's sound is a constantly evolving musical experiment -
both catchy and challenging - which is often described as a cross
between the Arcade Fire and the Animal Collective. They count among
their influences: Blonde Redhead, Simon and Garfunkel, Lady Tron,
Neutral Milk Hotel, The Brian Jonestown Massacre. AM
Syndicate played The Wall of Sound Music Festival in '05 and '06, CMJ
Music Festival '06 and SXSW '07. Core members are guitarist/vocalist
Omar Chavez, drummer Vincent Durcan, "percussionista,
keyboardist/sequencer" Golfball (yes,this is her name). The group's first full-length debut album,
Empire (recorded by Jason Ward and released in 2005 through
Chicago-based Sick Room Records) met with both critical and popular
praise, being deemed the "first great record of 2006" by the UK's
Drowned in Sound and consistently charting in the top 30 on college
radio playlists. Their sophomore effort, Liberation (recorded by Erik
Wofford), will be released Nov. 13th, 2007 on Austin Texas' Novastar Records.


The Neighbor and His Wife

Written By: Omar Chavez

Aaron is a boy
a rather silent boy
who bites is tongue

Living the myth that is
his new free colony
but really drowns in silence of his malities
and rots beneath a swamp swimming in black tar
judging by his romp he feels the scars
The sadness of his zoo falls among us all.

Jean is a girl
a rather brainless gal
who never learns

and so is much the same
but more of a wind-up toy
that always bumps into the Lazy-Boy

her fat cats held up high

just like the radio
controlled model planes
flying into the clouds while they rain.

The signs and times passed before their eyes but neither loaned their hand.

Turn around before you've slipped far down and fall on your face.

Their not the only ones
I see more all around
Marching to the drum behind the crown

of her royal majesty

so I'l continue to
continue to pretend
skys of blue won't ever end

Oh will we ever have the strength to free ourselves from ourselves?

All the People Under the Sun

Written By: Omar Chavez

The poles have melted see? and all we see is green but much to my surprise the oceans did not rise. An Ice age come and gone.

We've created out own demise trapped in our indifference. We've created the monsters we wont admit we've made and will long out live us all.

Rain-drops fall from the skies, drops that burn out eyes. And the ground no longer grows and the seeds we plant won't sow. Ten Billion years erased.

What comforts do we get when we are only met, with pictures before our eyes of people brothers and sisters cries. I want to close my eyes.

I close my eyes
I close my eyes

My brothers My sisters, look around look around. Round and round as winter falls. Beyond Big Ben the winter falls

I close my eyes
I close my eyes

Hang your Fears at the Door and Join Your Future

Written By: Omar Chavez

To all that are made to watch the shapes of the shade, between the building as the sun sets and fades and long grow the shadows.

So don't blink your eyes as there are many who'll try to smash all the street-lamps as the fogs come to lye, campfires we are lost in the shadows

Then in the dark I heard the prophets hark, "In the end will be your young who'll pay dearly."

In the silence of night a campfire's presence unites where close to it's glow we can see from the light that erased all the shadows.

That in between us stands what has legal rights like a man and do you see with his hands how hard it's fighting to ban our world right before us.

Then passed the gates of the Capital Ground marched the farmers that wouldn't bow to the crown to keep their land or lay down their heads.

What claims to be man will try and take all is can neath the blanket of night while the rockets go band so we the people must fight them, we the people must fight them, we the people must fight them, we the people must fight them


Empire-First full length released by SickRoom Records

Liberation-Second full length released by Novastar Records

Set List

A typical set is 25-40 minutes but can be longer or shorter depending on the situation. The past few months we have been playing the songs
Hang Your Fears at the Door and Join your Future, The Cowbell Song, The Plunderer and the Fool, All the People Under the Sun, No Flakes, To the Peasants of the Emperor, The Neigbor and His Wife