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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Emily Bourbon and AM Theory Project Music – Tripping with Electronic Trip-Hop AM-Theory-Project"

By Risa Peris, February 17th, 2010

Emily Bourbon sings in her song Art “clearly something big is happening in this place” and it is definite that something big is about to happen to the AM Theory Project. The AM Theory Project was formed in May 2008 with Alex Smith who plays guitar, keys and laptop. In January 2010 James Emley joined the group. He plays keys and does visuals. AM Theory Project’s first album, Tried & Tested, was released in 2009. AM Theory Project’s music is currently streaming on Rhapsody, Napster, Jango, MySpace, ReverbNation and iLike.

Electronic Trip-Hop derived in the 1990s in Bristol, England when American Hip-Hop was gaining popularity in England. Trip-Hop is downtempo electronic music. Trip-Hop was essentially a marriage of England’s Hip-Hop and House music scenes. Trip-Hop relies on breakbeats, which is a break from the main parts of the song or piece. Ironically, since the development of Trip-Hop various American Hip-Hop artists have been influenced by Trip-Hop such as Mos Def and Kanye West.

AM Theory Project’s sound is electronic but lyrical. It is like Charles Bukowski’s poetic style marrying with Sylvia Plath’s poetic style. The end result is interesting and, dare I say, catchy. Emily Bourbon, who is also the chief song writer, has a rich and playful voice. This is nicely expressed in her song Art where one hears pure joy in her voice. But Emily Bourbon does moody as well. There are shades of Björk, like in the song Everybody Dreams, but Bourbon’s voice is more infectious because her phrasing has more clarity. There is also soul in the electronic beats. This is due to the musical talent of Alex Smith and James Emley and Emily Bourbon’s modulation of a single note. It is also due to the unique word phrases that sprinkle throughout AM Theory Project’s music.

AM Theory Project is a band to watch and, of course, let wash over you in a cascade of sound. You can become their fan, sample their music and buy their music by clicking on the links below.



Tried & Tested, first release, 2009; available from and streaming on Rhapsody, Napster, Jango, LaLa, Myspace, ReverbNation, iLike, MyMusicStream.



The AM Theory Project formed in May of 2008. Influenced by myriad genres and styles, by bands such as Portishead, Lamb, and Morcheeba, the AM Theory Project brings something fresh and honest to the ever changing electronic music genre.

At the core of the AM Theory Project is Emily Bourbon's lyrical and vocal stylings; music collaborations from talented DJs and Producers from around the world give the project a universal edge and resonance with their audience.

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