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An artist who grows musically everyday, someone who is diverse, has the skills to work with all kinds of music and singing styles. A mind with a million ideas in all forms of expression and works at a level of perfection. Unique voice and skills, influenced by all kinds of music and people. Amazing!


Amtrax (Aamir), a young and diverse artist who was brought up into a musical family that had love for all kinds of music, whether it be from the Asian background such as the Bollywood industry to the English, Hip Hop and Pop industry. As a singer Amtrax primarily was influenced by singers such as Michael Jackson, George Michael, CĂ©line Dion, Eminem and Sonu Nigam. At a young age Amtrax was known for his vocals that were closely matched to the styles of Sonu Nigam and George Michael. He began to sing at events and was slowly getting recognised.

Amtrax wanted to take his skills to the next level and decided to go into composing and producing the music he wanted to sing in. He joined a university where he was blessed with the knowledge from talented tutors to take all ideas he had stuck in his head and put them into musical forms. So a production label was set up and so forth he produced and broadcasted his music and songs through, The Amtrax Productions label. Scince then he has shared his music and songs through popular social networking and media broadcasting sites such as YouTube and has sold several singles on iTunes and AmazonMP3.

Having love for all kinds of music, Amtrax hopes to produce music and songs in all genres whether it be Indian Classical or Hip Hop. Subscribe to Amtrax on Youtube and Facebook and follow him on Twitter for constant updates and news.


Here are some of the music pieces that Amtrax has produced.

Just Relax :

also available on iTunes :

Just Relax (v2) :

Good Mood: