Amun-Ra Amani

Amun-Ra Amani

 Avon Park, Florida, USA
BandHip HopPop

If music were heaven, Amun-Ra Amani would be the star in between the clouds. What we have here, is an artist who has blended hip-hop and rb, to create a new genre entitled neo-rap and electro-soul. The fusion is simply breath-taking. Welcome.


Far beyond his years in terms of sheer talent and intelligence, the 1980s gave birth not only to a new wave of music we all know as hip-hop; but also to the emergence of its future predecessor the world will come to know as Amun-Ra Amani.

Amun-Ra Amani was born October 30, 1980 in Lakewood, New Jersey. His early years were spent reading, writing and immersing in fine arts. By the age of nine, Amun-Ra had already begun to script bits and pieces of poetry, just tipping the iceberg of a promising future. By 1994, he was at the forefront of his community, defeating numerous mcs in freestyle events and local talent competitions.

In 1996, Amun-Ra was introduced to Maurice Goodrich, a local talent scout who later became his manager. With his help, Amun-Ra was able to secure a production deal with the New Jersey based label, Saga Records. He received rave reviews for several tracks he was featured on; following the release of The Antidote EP, leaving his mark on Acid and the internet favorite, Confrontation.

A shortage of funds kept Saga Records from moving beyond the Antidote. Amun-Ra was left with nothing but his fiery delivery and an array of complex rhymes.

Consequently, Amu-Ra would take a four-year hiatus from rap only to reinvent himself into a cool, confident and witty new character. He also sought change from his urban environment and decided to attend Hawaii Pacific University in the spring of 2004. The transition had proven to be a wise decision as Amun-Ra pursued an education while chasing his childhood dream.

Hawaii was an experience that was unimaginable for the young entertainer who grew up on the streets of New Jersey. Oahu had given Amun-Ra a landscape to paint his thoughts and an atmosphere to release his creativity. The change enabled Amun-Ra to release and sell his self-titled mixtape by the hundreds in the heart of Waikiki.

With the assistance of his new friend and creative director Dayne Johnson, Amun-Ra quickly set his sights on a debut album, entitled FunWorld.

The team was relentless and armed with a boundless amount of drive, creating an incredible string of records and music videos. His manager began to service music outlets in various parts of the U.S. creating buzz throughout neighborhoods across various cities in the United States.

Newly recorded singles such as Chitty Bang-Bang, Just Like That, and Knock-Knock, began to grace record pool charts in Chicago, Florida and Virginia, respectively. Back in Hawaii, they had embraced his imagination crowning the record Cereal Killer on prime time radio.

Due to a changing climate in the music industry and creative differences with management, Fun World never made it into stores. Five years later, Amun-Ra had begun a transition into the hip-hop underground. He sets his sights on building a recording label and publishing house.

As a result both Songh Dynasty and Pegasus Recordings were born. A digital distribution deal with KJER DISTRIBUTION soon followed, leading to the release of the single LEGEND IS HEAR, which was issued in July 2009, under the name LEGEND.

Today, Amun-Ra has positioned himself to leave his mark in pop, dance, avant-garde rap and hip-hop soul.
This has led to the creation of the brand AMUN-RA AMANI. His new character is a god-send for the rhythm and blues sector of music. His emergence has led to the creation of CHOCOLATE CITY; a unique mixtape collection of hip-hop soul, pop and r&b.

CHOCOLATE CITY is the beginning of a new style he calls Neo-rap and electro-soul.

Stay tuned for the worldwide release of Amun-Ra Amani's compelling new single and music video "BROOKLYN", scheduled for June 21st 2012!



*Mixtape; "CHOCOLATE CITY" (May 2010)

*Listen and download "CHOCOLATE CITY" for free at

*"BROOKLYN".. lead single scheduled for release on June 21st 2012.

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Wireless microphone, boom mic stand, PA system