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Amun-Ra Amani

Avon Park, Florida, United States | INDIE

Avon Park, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Pop


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"Energizing Art Created In A Process Called Visual Sound"


Entertainment figure, Amun-Ra Amani creates unique partnership with artists Hugo Garcia and Julie Boehm

April 28 2012:

Neo-Rap and Electro-Soul artist Amun-Ra Amani has announced today that his print collection Visual Sound will be available for purchase at Amun-Ra’s fiery yet passionate approach to recording has been met with cool, electric, cutting-edge designs that compliment the fine-tuned artist and his exclusive music style.

Amun-Ra believes music is both audio and visual. He states: "Music is a feeling, but it is also something you can see. The artist's job is to deliver material that will stimulate the senses from both perspectives. This creates an engaging, meaningful experience for the consumer in multiple realms. It is one thing to hear a musician, but to see a musician through his own eyes, is a wonder, that can only be accomplished by visual communication."

So to further enhance the booming interest of his audio visual brand, Amun-Ra has collaborated with digital illustrator, Hugo Garcia; former art director of Valor ES Mexico and now owner of Automata Studios; along with Julie Boehm. Julie is an award-winning and world famous body painter, whom specializes in composing, film, and animation, among other disciplines. She is also creative director of SpykeHeels magazine, which is Austria’s leading broadcast of fashion, art and music from a global standpoint. The Visual Sound Gallery has been furnished with it’s first two works of art entitled “Mr. Right Now”, by Hugo Garcia and “Future Love”, designed by Julie Boehm. Both pieces are available at

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Amun-Ra Amani, 435-531-3970,

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Julie Boehm:
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- Fine Art America

"Transformed: Amun-Ra Amani Reinvented Website, Neo-Rap Style"

03/27/2012 // Lakewood, New Jersey, USA // iloveamunra // Amun-Ra Amani

The reinvention of Amun-Ra Amani has been a long time coming. It’s been over a decade since the New Jersey-bred rapper was featured on the highly acclaimed “The Antidote” EP, and he’s ready to take on the world with his latest mixtape, Chocolate City, and the re-launch of his website,

Since his New Jersey days, Amun-Ra has spent time living and studying in Hawaii, where his music took a cool, more electro turn that made him one of Waikiki’s favorite hip-hop artists. With Chocolate City, the transformation completes with a new, fully-developed sound he calls “Neo-rap and electro soul” – a mix of R&B, hip-hop soul, avant-garde rap, and pop, with a smooth, romantic edge. Music fans can download the 2010 mixtape for free on

Although he’s been embraced by members of the record industry since his early days, Amun-Ra’s career has been met with setbacks over the years, including the fall of his promising debut album, Fun World. In 2009, Amun-Ra decided to build his own record label and publishing house, Songh Dynasty and Pegasus Recordings.

The video commercial for the website relaunch, “Bullets for a Broken Heart” features the upcoming single, “Brooklyn,” produced by legendary hip hop producer Kajmir Royale and mastered by Andy Jackson, best known for his work with Pink Floyd. The animated video, created by Muralidharan N. for Keerthisolutions, is also available on the website.

The song “Brooklyn” is, in Amun-Ra’s words, “a song about obsession for a past love.” It tells the story of a woman who left her boyfriend for another man only to become a victim of domestic violence. “Brooklyn” will be released on iTunes worldwide on June 20, 2012.

In addition to downloads and videos, features photos, press articles, and an extensive biography, presented in a sleek, modern design that reflects Amun-Ra’s confident, reinvigorated style.


For more information, press only:

Amun-Ra Amani, 435-531-3970,

For more information:

- Wired Pr News

"Junior's Cave Music interview with Amun-Ra Amani"

Get ready to be mesmerized and captivated by the soulful music of Amun-Ra Amani. This Hip-Hop/Rap artist makes wonderful music concerning falling in love, falling out of love, and making love. He seems comfortable within his own element, and his amazing tracks represent this to the fullest. In this spotlight with our publication, Amun-Ra Amani opens up about his musical journey. Enjoy!

Isaac: It’s an amazing time to be a DIY artist/performer/band/musician. What do you enjoy the most about being an indie performer?

Amun-Ra: The ability to make creative music and control one's own career. I admire the process of branding, and I believe only the artist, musician and or band knows their true image and whom they would like to market themselves to.

Isaac: If you had an opportunity to sign with a major label, would you sign now knowing you may have to give up some of what you have build up over the years about you in the process?

Amun-Ra: Yes. For two reasons: The marketing engine that runs an indie artist can only travel so many miles before he, she or they require a new vehicle. The other reason lies in the fact that the greatest artists in the history of music have been built with remarkable teams. I have a saying: "I make the music, but we all make it happen".

Isaac: I remembered Simon Cowell from American Idol talking about the “it” Factor that makes a musician/band stand out. What do you think is your “it” factor that makes you stand out from others in the music business?

Amun-Ra: Good one. The following one generates usually defines what "THIS" is. What I have heard is, my voice, the end result of marrying words to melody, and for me, it might be being comfortable in one's own skin. I am the driving force behind an image that is completely me. The "IT" factor should be effortless, it has to make sense. I hope it does.

Isaac: Why should music fans listen to your music? Describe what they are going to get when they listen to Amun-Ra Amani?

Amun-Ra: People desire heart; they will hear my heart; people need soul; they will feel my soul; people need to feel good; I make feel good music. Coercion is key; I'm trying to create a rock star with roses, and so far my people love it.

Isaac: Briefly describe your humble beginnings that led you to where you are at musically now.

Amun-Ra: I grew up in a community where we didn't have much; but what we did have were personal relationships that were instrumental to my growth as a young man. My recent material has been built from this experience, specifically my love for women and what I have witnessed. You know, falling in love, falling out of love, making love, and trying to make sense of it all.

Isaac: You have some strong iconic influences. Of these influences, which artist/band do you relate to the most and why?

Amun-Ra: There are many. But I relate to Usher, and Kanye West extremely well. I marvel at what they've been through on a personal level, and the way these guys put so much of their heart into their words and into their music is inspiring. True artists indeed.

Amun-Ra Amani

Isaac: Do you feel that Indie music gets the respect it deserves? Why or why not?

Amun-Ra: Yeah, sure it does. The internet is a powerful tool that many use to reach out to an international landscape of music lovers that didn't exist 20 years ago. It will always depend on what one wants and what they are willing to do, to get there.

Isaac: If you could change one thing about the music business, what would it be and why?

Amun-Ra: I believe big record labels had a place, but not always fair. It was always great to see someone develop into a mega-star. I would like to see record labels negotiate artist-friendly contracts that would be of benefit to both parties; artist and label.

Isaac: Do you think in the near future that DIY artists/bands will be the norm and big record companies will be very limited?

Amun-Ra: I think big record companies will make a comeback and there will still be a very large pool of indie artists. Creating a following will still be the norm to attract interest and fuel negotiation.

Isaac: What type of feedbacks have you been receiving about your music from fans and music critics?

Amun-Ra: This is an interesting topic. My new music fans love my new direction. My recent music critics admire the appeal of commercial recordings and because of it; I have been getting a lot of press. Now my old music fans, want me to go back to some of my harder material, particularly underground hip-hop. At one point, it was a toss up, but these days I am trying to become an international success, and I believe I have found life in pop, dance, and hip-hop soul. I have changed as a person, and my new image is a reflection of this.

Amun-Ra Amani

Isaac: If you knew that you would never gain fame and fortune with what you are doing now, would you continue to make music?

Amun-Ra: Yes. I would still be happy with a set at a local coffee shop or martini bar. Just me, a small crowd and my tunes.

Isaac: How do you handle negative feedback or negative energy about your music?

Amun-Ra: Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, so it doesn't bother me. I am very open to feedback, both positive or negative. There will always be something for everybody.

Isaac: What role do your family and friends play in the equation of your pursuant of a music career?

Amun-Ra: My family is very supportive. I don't think they are aware of how far I've traveled, but that's the beauty of it. It's kind of an incredible under-taking that no one takes serious but me.

Isaac: What is the best site/s that you can be found on the Internet?

Amun-Ra: Myspace, Reverbnation, and Sonicbids respectively

Isaac: The floor is yours; final words…..

Amun-Ra: May God bless the environment, its inhabitants, and all of our actions. Peace.

- Junior's Cave Music Magazine

"MUSIC UP CLOSE, OCTOBER 2010 | Skope Entertainment Inc"

We have a special treat tonight. In addition to all of these great jazz groups, we are featuring three singers. Our first is Amun-Ra Amani from Salt Lake City, who combines old school soul and r&b with hip-hop. Amun-Ra calls this blend Poetry and Soul.

In 1996, Amun-Ra signed with Saga Records and released a rap EP, The Antidote. This early experience and creative differences with another label motivated Amun-Ra to build his own label and publishing house: Songh Dynasty and Pegasus Recordings. Legend is Hear was release under his own label in 2009. This year, he released Chocolate City, a collection of hip-hop, r&b, jazz, and soul pieces.


"Vents Interviews"

If you’re looking for sex jams that don’t pull any punches or cut corners, look no further then Amun-Ra Amani. With a smooth talk delivery, and spaced out beats, he makes easy conception music, so believe him when he says, “I write love songs now cuz’ I’m grown.”

Cody Blevins

How did your music career started?
I started doing music in 1995. Mainly hip-hop and since then, I have evolved into an r&b character. My new groove is called poetry and soul. It is a blend of hip-hop, pop, r&b and soul.

What's the message to transmit with your music??
The idea was to create music with a conscience, music with feeling. I write about love and relationships. My message is both intimate and tasteful.

What's your method at the time of writing a song??
Usually, I will choose a melody based on how it speaks to my heart. The chorus is composed before any verses are written. To stimulate the writing process it is not uncommon for me to work on three to four songs at one time. But ultimately, the power and depth of the lyrics is determined by the texture of the rhythm.

Which is your music influences??
As far as artists are concerned, there are many. I would have to say that I am greatly influenced by jazz, electronica, r&b, and soul genres.

What plans do you have for the future??
My dream is to build Amun-Ra Amani into a classic American brand, with sister companies in publishing, fashion and cosmetics, respectively.

Which has been the funniest prank you have been or took part while on tour or after a show??
Sorry. Can't recall.

If you guys were stranded in the middle of nowhere after a show or while on tour. The help is 65 miles away from where you guys are, ¿Who would you guys send to look for help? And if while the rest wait, there's no food and the only way to feed yourself is by eating each other, ¿Who would you eat first?
I would look for help, that way, if I were unsuccessful, I'd still have my pride, because I was alone, and would gladly die by myself. We're still talking about music right. Kidding.

Which country you guys would love to play?
I would love to perform in Brazil!

With which bands you guys would love to share stage??
Usher, Kylie Minogue, and Jamiroqui.

Are you OK, with the direction the band is going actually?
Absolutely. And I'd like to thank god, because for various reasons. I am blessed. - Vents magazine "THE SITTING CHAIR FEATURE"


*Mixtape; "CHOCOLATE CITY" (May 2010)

*Listen and download "CHOCOLATE CITY" for free at

*"BROOKLYN".. lead single scheduled for release on June 21st 2012.



Far beyond his years in terms of sheer talent and intelligence, the 1980s gave birth not only to a new wave of music we all know as hip-hop; but also to the emergence of its future predecessor the world will come to know as Amun-Ra Amani.

Amun-Ra Amani was born October 30, 1980 in Lakewood, New Jersey. His early years were spent reading, writing and immersing in fine arts. By the age of nine, Amun-Ra had already begun to script bits and pieces of poetry, just tipping the iceberg of a promising future. By 1994, he was at the forefront of his community, defeating numerous mcs in freestyle events and local talent competitions.

In 1996, Amun-Ra was introduced to Maurice Goodrich, a local talent scout who later became his manager. With his help, Amun-Ra was able to secure a production deal with the New Jersey based label, Saga Records. He received rave reviews for several tracks he was featured on; following the release of The Antidote EP, leaving his mark on Acid and the internet favorite, Confrontation.

A shortage of funds kept Saga Records from moving beyond the Antidote. Amun-Ra was left with nothing but his fiery delivery and an array of complex rhymes.

Consequently, Amu-Ra would take a four-year hiatus from rap only to reinvent himself into a cool, confident and witty new character. He also sought change from his urban environment and decided to attend Hawaii Pacific University in the spring of 2004. The transition had proven to be a wise decision as Amun-Ra pursued an education while chasing his childhood dream.

Hawaii was an experience that was unimaginable for the young entertainer who grew up on the streets of New Jersey. Oahu had given Amun-Ra a landscape to paint his thoughts and an atmosphere to release his creativity. The change enabled Amun-Ra to release and sell his self-titled mixtape by the hundreds in the heart of Waikiki.

With the assistance of his new friend and creative director Dayne Johnson, Amun-Ra quickly set his sights on a debut album, entitled FunWorld.

The team was relentless and armed with a boundless amount of drive, creating an incredible string of records and music videos. His manager began to service music outlets in various parts of the U.S. creating buzz throughout neighborhoods across various cities in the United States.

Newly recorded singles such as Chitty Bang-Bang, Just Like That, and Knock-Knock, began to grace record pool charts in Chicago, Florida and Virginia, respectively. Back in Hawaii, they had embraced his imagination crowning the record Cereal Killer on prime time radio.

Due to a changing climate in the music industry and creative differences with management, Fun World never made it into stores. Five years later, Amun-Ra had begun a transition into the hip-hop underground. He sets his sights on building a recording label and publishing house.

As a result both Songh Dynasty and Pegasus Recordings were born. A digital distribution deal with KJER DISTRIBUTION soon followed, leading to the release of the single LEGEND IS HEAR, which was issued in July 2009, under the name LEGEND.

Today, Amun-Ra has positioned himself to leave his mark in pop, dance, avant-garde rap and hip-hop soul.
This has led to the creation of the brand AMUN-RA AMANI. His new character is a god-send for the rhythm and blues sector of music. His emergence has led to the creation of CHOCOLATE CITY; a unique mixtape collection of hip-hop soul, pop and r&b.

CHOCOLATE CITY is the beginning of a new style he calls Neo-rap and electro-soul.

Stay tuned for the worldwide release of Amun-Ra Amani's compelling new single and music video "BROOKLYN", scheduled for June 21st 2012!


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