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"Comercial Release"

Originally garnering notoriety for their contribution to Jedi Mind Tricks now classic debut album The Psycho Social, The Lost Children of Babylon have been long forecast as the next breakthrough Philly-based underground hip-hop act. With affiliations further extending to the Wu-Tang Clans Killa Bees, Sunz of Man, Killah Priest and more, Babygrande is proud to bring The Lost Children of Babylons spiritually and politically charged hip-hop to the masses with the release of The 911 Report: The Ultimate Conspiracy.

A nine person movement consisting of Rasul Allahu, the Breath of Judah, Richard Raw, Cosmic Crusader, Ancient Kemite, Amun Sen Hotep Re, Atum Sen Geb the Eloheem, Stretch the Mad Scientist and Wazulu the Ill Dravidian, the group originally released their debut album Where Light Is Created: The Equidivium and the follow-up Words From The Duat: The Book of Anubis to raucous reception amongst Phillys underground hip-hop elite. Immediately striking to many was the lyrical content: spiritually enlightened but also radically and socially aware.

In the lyrical vein of Dead Prez & Immortal Technique (and directly inspired by the current political climate), The Lost Children unveil their latest LP, The 911 Report: The Ultimate Conspiracy. Their most candid, politically charged manifesto to date, The 911 Report is a somber reflection on the events of September 11th but no less of an indictment of the governments actions in the wake of 911 as well as the ideological battle against the very principles of Islam under the guise of the War On Terror.

Sure to generate a firestorm of controversy and attention, the Lost Childrens ideological crusade continues with The 911 Report: The Ultimate Conspiracy.


"Not The Status Que, By Any Means"

The Incredible Kmac and Bigga Dre would like to let you know that Hip Hop is alive and kicking. It's been a long time coming for the return of emcee with conscious lyrics that elevate the mind providing food for thought.

Don't get it twisted there not here to replace the church, mosque or to be role models. They simple represent a alternative to the "murder, kill" mixtapes flooding the market.

On this exudus to land of Real Hip Hop you will find Bobby O, Lauren Lark, Danny Cash, Cora Speach and others. (Orders Limited) -

"Wu-Tang Clan"

Wu-International had the privilege of talking to Richard Raw and Rasul Allah Of LCOB about past catalogue and the new album, The United Nuwaubian Nation Of Moors, Wu-Tang, and hip-hop in general.

Question: Peace, How are you?
Richard Raw: I feel good, just staying busy.

Question: Rasul Allahu, what’s good?
Rasul Allah: I’m doing ok, hopefully our albums will sell.

Question: We're just going to dive into the questions, please let us know who the Lost Children Of Babylon are?
Richard Raw: The lost children are Richard Raw, Rasul Allahu, Breath Of Judah, Ancient Kemit, Atun Sen Geb, Cosmic Crusader, and Amun Sen Hotep Re!!!!!!

From left to right: Ancient Kemite, DJ Ghetto, Rasul, DJ Man E, Niz Da Phyz, B. Jesus 2000, Cosmic Crusader and Shamash: The Ninth Elder. Question: How was the group formed and how did everyone meet?
Richard Raw: The group was formed by Rasul Allahu. Originally lost children were just Rasul Allahu, kemit and Judah. Rasul came to one of my shows because I released a record of landspeed back in 2000 called America. We were only to do a few songs but he just told me I was a part of the group and that’s how it happened.

Question: Rasul, you being the founder, could you please add on to this, how long has the group been in existence and how has it evolved to its current roster of MC's, producers etc?
Rasul Allah: The LCOB is a group of apostles that form a council of nine, we are from the United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, and LCOB consists of Rasul Allah (Verbal Terrorist), Rich Raw (Tehuti Mos), Cosmic Crusader (Quetzalcoatl), Ancient Kemet (Lyrical Alchemist), Amun Sen Hotep-Re, Atun Sen-geb (The Elohim), and Stretch The Mad Scientist. We have been around since the late '90's.

Question: And is everyone in the group from Philadelphia?
Rasul Allah: Yes

Question: Is there a meaning to the name “Lost Children Of Babylon”? Why lost?
Rasul Allah: Well the name is a metaphor, it implies that we are children of the most high lost in Babylon (America)
Richard Raw: As you know America is the new Babylon. We who represent the voice of the children are lost in the midst of the madness.

Question: Spiritual hip hop? the media has labelled your group as this, how would you describe LCOB type of music?
Rasul Allah: I see LCOB as having an Esoteric and Psychedelic sound, Spirituality is inherited in it because of the subject matter that is being spoken about.

Question: You also go by the name Lost children of Egypt, but everyone is used to LCOB, any other names/aliases that you use? And why did you try to change it?
Rasul Allah: No, We used LCOE because the supreme grand master teacher Dr. Malachi Z.York-EL asked us to use LCOE for our second album (Words Of the Duat) which has a more Egyptian-based view that ties in to our ancestors.
Richard Raw: We never sought to change the name LCOB, the lost children of egipt was to represent our alter egos. The second album words of the duat was a much different sounding album for us. We were trying to go a step above the equidivium. I still think people weren’t ready for it.

Question: How did you meet with Jedi Mind Tricks to work on the Psycho-Social album?
Rasul Allah: This is a good question and I’m glad you asked. The story goes like this, after I met Killah Priest and the Sunz of man back in 94 they told me that we needed to put together a demo, at the time LCOB was a group but we didn’t have any material. When I went to Philly I began to compose my scrolls, I got this call one night from a friend saying "His Friend (Vinnie) wants to do some songs with you" at the time they were in a group but weren’t called Jedi mind tricks yet. So I met up with them, and I began teaching them the ancient science of Nuwaupu, previously Paz was studying the hare krishna culture so he related to the teachings, we were discussing on collaborating on a spiritual - based album like the sunz of man, We began working on some tracks.

Question: There were rumours of a rift between you, the group and Jedi Mind Tricks in the past, is this true and could you please shed more light on this?
Rasul Allah: The reason why a rift began is because individuals in the street were talking negatively about Vinnie, because he was rhyming about 5%, NOI ,and Nuwaupu lessons, and being that he was white people didn’t accept it at first and I was caught in the middle of it being a student myself. People, they thought I was the one saying those things when I wasn’t. So at the time we parted ways to further cause no more tension. I personally don’t know what took place with Jus Allah so I can’t comment on that situation, But all in all JMT and LCOB ARE IN GOOD WORKING TERMS....

Ancient Kemite, Wazulu & Rasul Allah
Question: There have been debates online about LCOB being the founders of spiritual hip-hop, what is your claim or view on this?
Richard Raw: There have been many that have pioneered spiritual hip-hop. I personally think it got its start with Brother J of X-Clan. The Gravediggaz took it a step further. So we did not start spiritual hip-hop. We go more deep than others but no, Peace to professor x and brother j of x clan.

Question: What influences or inspires your music personally and that of the group?
Richard Raw: I am influenced by what I see. I try to write from the heart. I have read so many books, I don’t read no more, I am trying to live and practice what I already know. We are all inspired by each other.

Question: Your lyrics draw influences from numerous sources such as that of the Nuwaubian philosophy, Islam, Nations of the Gods and Earths, etc Do you follow any religion or science?
Rasul Allah: Yes, I am A Sufi-Muslim, from the Sufi order of the Suns of the Green Light, I am also part of various masonic orders.

Question: The CNN once described "The Nuwaubian philosophy to include elements of Christianity, ancient Egyptian polytheism and a belief in unidentified flying objects (UFOs)." What is your take on this?
Richard Raw: Nuwaubu is an ancient science practiced by the being we call the pygmy... As you know eve of the genesis story came from this tribe who were considered the earliest inhabitants of this planet. They practiced a way of life called nuwaubu (the science of sound right reasoning) all religions and ways of life came from this including the so called egiptian philosophy. As you know Christianity and Islam has roots in egipt. So all is inclusive. That’s why they can’t pinpoint us. Nuwaubu is not a religion it’s more of a fraternal order.
Rasul Allah: First of all I don’t believe in any UFO's because the statement itself is illogical. The reason why you see various religious imagery within the nuwaubu philosophy is because we are rewriting theology. Christism, Judaism, Muhhamadism, all come from the Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt

Question: Thanks, So Rasul when and why did you start searching for the right knowledge?
Rasul Allah: I was raised a Muslim and I would attend the madras, I would always question the Quran, and so I was reprimanded. Finally I was introduced to the teaching of Dr. Malachi Z York around ‘93 that lead me into the principles of sound right reasoning.
Question: Ok, Moving on, there was a logo of Sunz Of Man on your first album, and also a recent press release claimed you had an affiliation with Wu-Tang Clan’s Sunz Of Man, Is this true? If so please tell us how you are affiliated?
Richard Raw: We actually snuck behind stage of a sunz of man concert years back. We rhymed for them and killah Priest took a liking to us. We have kept in contact with them ever since.
Rasul Allah: Yes, we are affiliated with Sunz of Man, Killarmy, and the rest of the killabess. The first affiliate that I met was 4th disciple and Budda Monk (ODB’s brother), he then introduced me to 9th prince (the madman) who then introduced me to killah priest. And we have been tight ever since.

Question: So would you consider yourself to be affiliated with the bigger family of the Wu-Tang Clan?
Rasul Allah: Yes
Richard Raw: We all represent truth justice and equality. Wu-tang is for the children and we are the lost children who they were trying to reach. So we grew up listening to our elders and we are ready to stand with our big brothers. Rest in peace to ODB!!!!!

From right to left: Cosmic Crusader, Rasul Allahu, Richard Raw, Killah Priest & Amun Sen Hotep Re

Question: Have the group worked with Sunz Of Man or their members on any songs and are there any plans for further collaboration in a song or album?
Richard Raw: Actually, I just recorded a song with Killah Priest called baby Israel, its one of the craziest songs ever!!!!!!!!!! Me and Rasul just recorded a song with Killah Priest and Hell Razah called March. We are working real close with them these days. The lost children of Babylon just did a show with killah priest in Miami.

Question: Will there ever be a Sunz Of Man / LCOB album?
Rasul Allah: Yes there will be a future lcob/sunzofman collabo. Hell Razah and killah priest are working on a project called the premix look out for that ...produced by Ahmad and Jesse for Bombshell recordings..

Question: Who else in the Wu-tang family tree are you or the other members of the group close to?
Rasul Allah: We’re cool with the whole fam, but we’re closest with Priest and Hell razah.

Question: What else as in groups/religion etc are the LCOB affiliated or linked to?
Rasul Allah: We study Nuwaupu, which doesn’t bind us to one religion, we are students and teachers of all philosophies and cultures

Question: Please tell us about all 3 albums released by LCOB?
Rasul Allah: Our first record “The Equidivium" takes you on a philosophical spiritual journey through theology math, and metaphysics. Then “Words from the duat” is taking you on a darker journey yet with the same subject matter. Our most recent record the 911 report deals strictly with today’s issues around the world and in politics....

Question: The albums were initially released independently and they sold very well, It is to date one of the highest sellers on eBay, You have fans in Europe, Asia and worldwide who would pay big box to get a hold of your CDs, why do you think this is so and do you think the internet is the future of album releases and sales?
Richard Raw: We are one of the last groups to maintain a spiritual twist to our music. So when people have access to it they don’t mind paying for what is almost extinct. There are a lot of people across the waters that love LCOB. Being we are not able to get there physically, we get there though our music via internet. So having a strong hold on the net is a must. This is the future of hip-hop.
Rasul Allah: The reason is because people want to hear something different, consciousness is rising in hip hop and people realizing the artistic talent in LCOB and are drawn to it.

Question: LCOB have done well selling out most of your albums independently, why did you hook up with babygrande to re-releasing all 3 albums again?
Rasul Allah: Well we tried to sign with babygrande 2 years ago but for some reason, I think there was someone in the background telling Chuck Wilson (CEO) not to sign us...we probably would’ve sold more records if we would’ve signed then. But we are proud to be a part of the Babygrande team.

Question: How did you get involved with Babygrande then?
Richard Raw: Babygrande always knew about us because of the Jedi mind tricks album. We actually were out in LA and we sent Chuck Wilson a copy he replied back to us and the rest is history... You know a lot of people are pissed because we are on baby Grande. STOP THE HATING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chuck recognizes real talent period point blank!!!!!

Question: Will “The Appendices: The Scroll of lost tales” album ever be released and on what label?
Rasul Allah: yes, it will be released through babygrande executively produced by Killah priest look for that by the end of 06.

Question: The group is always linked to Jedi Mind Tricks and right now you are all on the same label, Babygrande, Can the fans expect any collaboration with Jedi Mind Tricks or even Jus Allah in the near future?
Rasul Allah: Yes .. definitely
Richard Raw: We are open to work with anybody. I think if we collaborated with JMT it would be groundbreaking for underground hip-hop. I never recorded with Vinnie but I always was open to do work with him and stoup. I got love for Vinnie shit he is the one who got me my first vinyl deal... I will try to make that happen, I will sit down with them and smooth out the ruff edges so we can bring back that classic shit.

Richard Raw
Question:: Please tell us about your last album “The 911 Report – The Ultimate Conspiracy” Is there, if any, a meaning behind the title?
Richard Raw: The title should be self explanatory. We actually did the sound track to Michael Moores Fahrenheit 911 being the fuck didn’t want to put no real hip-hop shit on there!!!! TRUTH IS TRUTH

Question: Being a fan of your music, I already own all 3 albums and there are great albums that get constant spins on my ipod, I think 911 album is more political than spiritual compared to the other albums, Is there any reason for this?
Richard Raw: I actually suggested that we do this album. I wanted to diversify our audience. We always would talk about the truth behind why 911 happened, we just put it to music. We also had to prove that we could do more that just spiritual hip-hop we are also political.

Question: Where were you on September 11th, 2001? How did you deal with it? How do you think it has affected Hip-hop?
Richard Raw: I was home sleeping when it happened. Dr. Malachi Z York already warned that this was going to happed years ago so it was not a surprise. I don’t think it really affected hip-hop. It happened to affect the economy.
Rasul Allah: I was sleeping, my friend called me and told me to turn on the TV, when I saw the buildings had been attacked... and my grandma said "they took the buildings".

Question: The artworks on your album covers are very unique and unlike any album covers out there, The 911 report is quite a controversial cover, do you not think this might hinder sales of the album?
Rasul Allah: Not at all, if anything it would help sales, if you really look at the cover, it is not demeaning in anyway. The flag isn’t burning or is not upside-down, what people see is the fire burning, but they saw the buildings explode on TV. The cover in itself is a symbol of a dictating force that is governing people. They say Muslims are terrorists when it’s really America that is terrorist.

Question: What would you say are some major misconceptions that people have about the group?
Rasul Allah: one of the biggest misconceptions is that all we rap about is aliens and space ships. If you really listen to the words we really speak on subjects that relate to theology, Egyptology, metaphysics, and Physics.
Richard Raw: People put us in a box, if we do something beyond what they think we are capable of, they trying to say we are confused. Also they think we are real militant. You should get to know us and talk to us. We won’t fuck you up if you don’t provoke us to!!!!!!!

Question: The internet has aided a lot of hip-hop activities globally, do you think the net has affected or contributed to hip-hop?
Rasul Allah: I think the internet has helped greatly. We need to learn how to utilize the internet to better our business, if it wasn’t for the internet we probably would not be talking.

Question: On a more personal level, do any of the members of LCOB have any solo projects out apart from yourself Richard, as I know you have a solo album out?
Richard Raw: Yes Rasul will be working on his solo album this year. Look for cosmic crusader next year. And I think atun sen hotep is finished.
Rasul Allah: Yes I am currently working on a solo project entitled Bear Witness: The Ghetto Quran, Rich Raw is working on two projects: Word to the Wize vol.2 and The Quill, and Cosmic Crusader’s project is called Cosmic-Calculations.

Question: Richard Raw, You have been busy, tell us about your album, mixtapes, upcoming album, and Headlinerz Ent?
Richard Raw: My first album is called MY CITY. I have about 6 mixtape waiting to be released. The latest is word to the wize pre-album mixtape volume 2. Log onto WWW.HEADLINERZENT.COM. Headlinerz is my own company, we are getting ready to start a movement.

Question: You first outing “My City: A Place Where Somebody Can Nobody” was quite decent, diverse, and contained vast topics and versatility, would you say the solo ventures allows you to cover certain topics you would not otherwise cover on a LCOB album?
Richard Raw: Yes.

Question: Ok, So how would you describe your style?
Richard Raw: I don’t have a style. When someone is able to define you, they are able to confine you. So I am like the water--- you hear me!!!!!!!!!!!

Question: What can we expect from your next album “Word To The Wize”?
Richard Raw: Word To The Wize is banging!!!!!!!!!! I have a song on there dedicated to DR. York called (we can change). This album is well rounded filled with hot production from myself and others. People don’t know that I produce my own music.

Question: Will it be released independently by yourself or by a major label?
Richard Raw: We in talks with several labels who are interested in releasing it. I’m just trying to get the best possible deal so there is stuff of the table. I also am 20 records into my double LP. I just recorded 5 songs for my revolutionary album as well. Let me tell you something,,,,,, RICH RAW will be at the status of like 50 cent or Jay Z don’t trust me just watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question: Who did you guys grow up listening to and who do you listen to now (musically, any genre)
Richard Raw: I grew up on Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, LL, you know the greats. My three favorites of all time Tupac, Sizzla, and John Coletrane. I listened to it all. Shit I like Advril Lavine I would love to record with her.
Rasul Allah: I grew up listening to Kool G rap, Big Daddy Kane, Public Enemy, Xclan, The Wu-tang clan, Boogiedown Productions, Das-Efx, NWA, Boot Camp, Redman, Intelligent Hoodlums, and many more......I currently listen to some new age music and Underground Hip-Hop.
Question: Ok, Rasul, are there any artist out there that you would like to work
with, dead or alive?

Dr. Malachi Z York & Rasul Allah
Rasul Allah: I would’ve loved to work with Big Pun (RIP), because lyrically he was one of the best to ever touch the mic. Right now I’d love to work with Nas, any one from the Wu, Shabazz the Disciple, Tragedy Khadafi, Killah Priest, Immortal Technique, Dead Prez, Chino xl, and Krs .

Question: Do any of you go into the studio with pre-written rhymes, lyrics, and themes or do hear the beat first and write there and then?
Rasul Allah: It really depends on the situation
Richard Raw: There is never a set formula. I may freestyle, write in my head or on paper. Depends on my mood.

Question: So what is next on the menu for LCOB as in albums, tours etc?
Rasul Allah: Right now were concentrating on the Appendices.
Richard Raw: We are going over this year. I can’t wait!!!!

Question: Rasul, What is your take on hip-hop’s current state and that of Philly?
Rasul Allah: The current state if hip hop is destroyed, the only way for the culture to redeem itself is for major labels to sign Revolutionary Hip-Hop artists like us, JMT, Sunz Of Man, Immortal technique, etc, In order to put hip hop back in order. My personal opinion on the Philly hip-hop scene is that it’s the wackest of all time and full of haters.

Question: What advice would you give to a young emcee or producer who wants to have a music career?
Rasul Allah: Do everything for yourself and don’t just try to run and get a record deal because you won’t get one.

Question: Most of your fans are also based across the globe, I can speak for Europe, are there any plans of the group coming over in the near future?
Rasul Allah: Yeah we definitely acknowledge the love and support and want to return the support when we do go out to tour in Europe. We love Europe.

Question: What book(s) would you recommend to any one seeking right knowledge or light to read?
Rasul Allah: it depends on what school of thought you come from, I can’t really tell you one particular book to get enlightened from but what I will say is "seek and you shall find"

Question: Ok just a quick word association on time, I am going to say a group/name and you would say the first word that pops in your head, for examples if I Say “Dead Prez”, you may say “Revolution” okay? Here we go; there are only 6 of them for you Richard, and 4 for Rasul...

Question: The Police?
Richard Raw: Corrupt!

Question: Egypt?
Richard Raw: GODZ!

Questions: Wu-Tang Clan?
Richard Raw: Classic!

Question: President Bush?
Richard Raw: What?

Question: Death Penalty – For or against?”
Richard Raw: FUCK!

Question: Malachi Z. York?
Richard Raw: Reformer!!!!!!!!!

Question: Thanks, Rasul.... Killah Priest?
Rasul Allah: Biblical Narrator

Question: Hip-Hop?
Rasul Allah: Culture

Question: Freemasons?
Rasul Allah: Circle and Square

Question: Religion?
Rasul Allah: Enslavement

Killah Priest & LCOB

Question: Thanks very much for that, anything else you might want to add that we missed? Or any final words for the people who are reading this, Shout outs etc?
Richard Raw: Yeah peace to my LCOB crew. My headlinerz crew MIKE J MUSIC, SUGE, DJ VORTEX, BIG M, peace to REVOLUTION HIPHOP. This is just beginning!!! OOOOOOO shit go cop my new mixtape if you don’t have it already... WWW.HEADLINERZENT.COM. tHANX TO WU-INTERNATIONAL FOR YOUR TIME AND TO THE FANS TOOO
Rasul Allah: I wanna thank Wu-International for giving me the time to speak my mind, I want give a shout out to the whole LCOB squadron, Revolution Hip-Hop, Killah priest , Sunz of man, Killarmy, The whole Wu-tang, Black Market Militia , The Maccabees, Jedi mind Tricks, Babygrande , Seventh Cathedral, DGK, Stevie Williams, Stretch the Mad Scientist, Wazulu , Allen Sands, and my grandmother, and I also wanna shout out my peoples in Portland, NYC, LA, Florida, Europe, and all over the globe , Everyone that supports LCOB. Peace....

Dark 7 Invader: Thanks very much... Peace -


Babygrande Records

INNER VIBE SOUND available on Apple iTunes!



INNER VIBE SOUND is a two man crew, consisting of BIGGA DRE and THE INCREDIBLE KMACK. The crew put their first classic out entitled "EVOLVE OR PERISH" continuing on to create a collection of underground, political, and cultural bangers to awaken the masses! The duo followed up with their sophomore release entitled "INFINITIVE LIFELINE". This was a instant fan favorite with cuts like 'black shadows', 'the traveling man', etc. The crew continues to pump out street and radio hits simultaneously. The duo wants to raise the bar, on the type of hiphop being released in the industry. INNER VIBE SOUND suffered a major lose when lifetime member and brother, DAVE TYCOON was gunned down in these sick North Philly streets. In living memory, the crew released "THE LAST TYCOON" another master piece. One of the best and realest cd's you will hear in this lifetime. The lyrics bring back memories of such classics as "illmatic". The team is set to release it's fourth serving of music, coming in the summer of 2006! BIGGA DRE can also be heard on The Lost Children of Babylon last three cd releases (Words From The Duat: Book Of Anubis )where he first appeared as the God "AMUN" The Hidden Sun Of L.C.O.B. on track number 7 Where Every Breath is a Prayer, and track number 10 The Rising Force which also features female duo Luminous Flux! Creating a high buzz for himself and solidifying a permanent spot due to a demand from fans across the world thirsty for more of what the Hidden Sun had in store! The 3rd Controversial album by L.C.O.B. 911 Report became and instant classic for sure earning a perfect score (10 out 10 at with classic hits such as Guerrilla Militia, Propaganda, Legend of the Fall, Media, Closed Caption, Conspiracy Theory, Who Speaks For Us, and By Any Means Necessary which features AMUN. Be on the look out for the 4th edition from L.C.OB. "The Appendices" Scroll Of Lost Tales.... where Amun The hidden Sun takes things to the next level (Stay Tuned)! INNER VIBE SOUND is poised to conquer this beast called the music industry. SUPPORT AND WATCH!!!