Skater-ish, summer-time-ish, good time-ish , faster, pop punk at its finest. If your in a bad mood or not feeling good, listen to some of our songs, and it will remind you of the good days!


Amuse has been around for years now,playing punk rock music. Kaine and Mike started the band in 2001 and and wrote their first song about one year after that. Matt "Wozz" Wozniak joined the band in 2004. Due to unfortunate circumstances, he left the band in late 2007. Matt Sloan joined the band again to replace Wozz.

Since the beginning we were all about pop-punk, skateboarding, and just fucking around and having fun. So many bands that we grew up listing to have changed their sound to the more popular(for some reason) style of the emo-screamo-hardcore "stuff". We have stayed true to our roots, to what we love, straight up pop-punk. We are trying to bring it back, so if you get our message, then lets do something about it!
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Ep 08
1.Waiting- (Hear it on 93.7!)
2.The X-Effect
3.The Days of Our Lives
4.General Hospital

Demo 07
Bold and the Beautiful
Port Chales
Go Fuck Yourself
Untitled track
Be Yourself

Set List

We have and can play sets anywhere from 1.5 hrs to 30 mins. We have played longer, and we know lots of covers(blink182, sugarcult, NFG, Alk3, Johnny Cash, but we prefer to play our own music.

Our newest set list, but we like to change it up every not and then:
Go Fuck Yourself
Port Chales
The Days of Our Lives
Wont Take It Back
The X-Effect
General Hospital