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Lafayette, Indiana, United States | SELF

Lafayette, Indiana, United States | SELF
Band Pop Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"More Than Amused"

After hearing from the mouths of the babe’s attending the Our Scene Don’t Suck Fest, I had only one question. Who said it sucked in the first place? Kids crowded in groups, some stretched out on the pavement along busy Washington St., anxiously waiting for doors to open. There isn’t much nowadays in the way of fashion to make me bat an eyelid, but I still observed the motley crew with a quiet amusement. Mohawks, unnatural hair colors, skinny jeans, and piercings where they shouldn’t be, ruled the lot. The kids were in a jovial mood. Psyched to hear some great music, and yet somewhat chill. A lot of them described the Irving punk scene as laid back and friendly. I agreed. With Lazy Daze Coffee Shop patrons enjoying a late paper, latte, and live folk trio on the patio directly adjacent to the venue; it was nearly impossible to feel uptight. No one seemed to sweat the long wait or the occasional gust of cooler-than-July wind. It was fun watching fans clown for the video I was shooting and by the time Amuse took the stage at 3pm I knew the few hours we’d waited would be well worth it. With kids packed like sardines around the band I wondered if Ernie, my photographer for the day, would get a decent shot. The band soon tore into “Again”, an up tempo and infectious tune reminiscent of the pop punk of the 90s. With help from the hardworking sound techs, Mike and Kaine’s vocals rang with clarity through the Irving’s sound system. Kaine swagged with a teenage angst and their collective harmonies hinted at a seasoned poise. Drummer, Wes, is the latest edition to the band and whoever decided to put him in made the right call. The kid kept the room abuzz with tight fills on “Brother” and a lightning-fast and technically proficient drum solo tying “Where We Are” together, closing out the set. Both Mike and Kaine shared front man responsibilities with an occasional funny joke or future tour date called out to the ever-growing and enthusiastic crowd. I’m sure the bands of the Our Scene Don’t Suck fest appreciated the Red Bull sponsorship, and in turn, the inevitably legally hopped up concert-goers. Everywhere you looked cans of the stuff was flowing freely. It was obvious that Mike and Kaine had played together for years. Mike’s bass drove relentlessly and Kaine’s guitar riffs covered the scale, all without missing a beat. With a harmonious balance of professionalism and easy-going charm, I thought Amuse had what it took to be successful in this business for a long time to come. And judging by the reaction of dozens of sweaty teenagers, I wasn’t alone. - Interview by: TJ Evans (Courtesy of Suede Management)

"Band And Music Ezine"

This week we slip back into the world of punk. Make that Pop Punk.
Amuse is a punk outfit out of Boswell, Indiana. They play all
originals and they have a heavy punk sound that has a tinge of pop
that’s just enough to keep them genuinely on the punk side. I like
the vocals and harmonies these guys throw into their mix. After
seven months of sending this ezine out I can’t help but wonder how
many acts like Amuse are out there with a great sound that just
haven’t had their big break yet. Do yourself a favor and check
them out on Myspace. You can say you were a fan before they were big.

- Paul Heingarten

"X-Effect Review"

Boy, your vocal really sounds like Green Day. The music is a mix of old punk, new punk and some good old rock. It is all good, sounds very authentic. A simple chord progression, but you threw in a bunch of unusual changes that make it all work. Straight ahead, simple song, but really done well. Nice!



2005 This Ain't Hollywood EP
2008 Waiting *Single
2009 Toshe Station Lot Lizards
Nove 2010 Disaster *single



For anyone looking for fun, catchy, upbeat punk music that makes you want to get up and jump around then you found it! We have been around since 2001 writing and recording music. Things started small but then people started to catch on. Now, with a fan base of rad kids, we have gotten to do a lot. We recorded our first EP at Sonic Iguana Studios in Lafayette, Indiana. Phillip Hill (of the Teen Idols, and formally of a list of well know punk bands) was our engineer and producer, and Mass Giorgini of Squirtgun mastered the album. New album is in the works! We have opened for well known bands Bowling For Soup, The Ataris, Just Surrender,Ice Nine Kills, Foxy Shazam, Whole Wheat Bread, and MC Chris to name a few. We are getting our name out everywhere so look for the pop punk trio Amuse!