Amy & the Rock Sisters

Amy & the Rock Sisters


Colorado acoustic countrygrass folk-rock infused with female-fronted family harmonies.


Amy has been studying music since she was eight years old. She was performing, writing and recording while living in Pittsburgh, PA including a stint on bass with The Cynics and Get Hip Records. Daughter, Nicole, began studying music at the age of three and performing at the age of eleven, and is also a songwriter. Daughter, Jacquelyn, began studying music at a young age and performing at age eight. Consequently, the girls grew up playing music.

In 2005, Amy had a traumatic skiing accident which forced her deeper into her music and spirituality. Amy & the Rock Sisters' CD, Colorado Blue, came about out of this time. It features talented songwriting throughout by Amy, and sweet family harmonies. Amy and the girls share vocal duties singing lead and harmony, backed by tasteful instrumentation. From the east, where the Rock Sisters originally found success, they are now pursuing music where ever it may lead.

Reach Amy & the Rock Sisters at: 970-470-1750



Written By: Amy Mathesius

Well, I had a dream about you
the other night you see
It seems that I was at a funeral
for someone in our family.
But I'm in Colorado spending lots of time outside
I thought I'd send to you this picture postcard from Telluride.

Telluride, Telluride
north from Pergatory,
Heaven's on the other side.
The Bridal Veil Falls below
to white ribbons of liquid snow,
take the chance you gotta go
to Telluride.

The words there on the postcard
aren't all that's on my mind.
I know that you have been through hell and I hope you find your way this time.
Behold the natural artwork, fashioned by a higher hand,
while walking on the bridge of Heaven, here in this promised land.


You called me in the winter, and said you'd like to spend some time.
When I said what season's your preference, you replied the summertime.
Then I heard you were in trouble and we spoke again by phone.
You said you were in a hospital bed and all alone.


The mountain is Pandora
the box canyon's below
the great divide is to the east
and Treasure Falls is the place to go.
When visiting this country it changes you inside.
You'll find that you have a reason to live, in Telluride.


Tennessee 2-Step

Written By: Amy Mathesius

Look over yonder,
there's a moon in the TN sky.
Won't you come over,
so that you and I can go out dancing tonight?

And I'm feeling alright when I look in your eyes,
as we TN 2-Step tonight.

Put your work down, and look outside the moon's rising high.
And I'll put perfume on, and I'm wearing my red dress, the one that you like.


The music's playing, hear the melody soft, low and strong.
And I'm awaiting, with my dancing shoes on, cause they're playing our song.


Spin me around, now dip me down.
We're dancing outside, and the moon's shining bright. As we TN 2-Step tonight.

Hold me closer, let the strain of the day slip away. Let everything slow down, and move to the rhythm, I hear you say...

I'm feeling alright when I look in your eyes, as we TN 2-Step tonight.

2 Hands on the Wheel

Written By: Amy Mathesius

I met you in 2002, you didn't know me, I'd heard about you.
The churchhouse meeting made me think you'd change somehow.
Your reputation preceded you, identification is what I do, believing that the moving of Jesus could heal you now.

But don't cry baby, it'll be alright.
I've got 2 hands on the wheel
and I'm holding on tight.
I've got one eye in the rear view,
as I leave you.
You can try to reach me on the telephone,
but if you call me up, well I might not be alone.
Leave it to the power of the holy spirit to teach you.

You said you were looking for some new friends,
as we read the step about making amends.
And you were tired of living with the kind of addictions that you had.
Well, I've got my kind of problems, too,
I'd be lieing if I said it was just you, and maybe we could work it out, but you and me together might be bad.


I know I gotta go, I'm goina head down to New Mexico, and let my spirit mend.
I know I gotta go, and when I get down to New Mexico, I'm goina let this story end.

I'm sitting in this hotel room
in Telluride, thinking about you.
I left you back in Summit County, Colorado the other day.
I'll see you again if it works out OK,
but as of now, well I'm making my own way.
I'm heading further down south, I'm going to Sante Fe.


Don't Let Go

Written By: Amy Mathesius

Tell me why, tell me why
you won't let go. I want to know.
Tell me why you won't let go, I want to know, so tell me why.

Oh no no no no no
Oh no no no no, oh don't let go.

Why do you, why do you
love me so, I want to know.
Why do you love me so, oh I want to know, so why do you?


What do you, I said, what do you
want me to do? I want to know.
What do you want me to do I want to know, so what do you?


You won't let go, no you won't let go,
You hold me tight, all through the night.
You won't let go, you hold me tight all through the night, you won't let go.



Colorado Blue-12 song CD released in 2007 on rocksistersmusic label.

The Rock Sisters single "Don't Let Go," featuring Nicole on vocals, is included on the 2008 release Females on Fire Compilation 3, with the Warrior Girl Music record label.

Rocksistersmusic released The Sounds of the Summit compilation CD in July 2009. This project, conceived and produced by Amy, features 17 songs by local Summit County musicians, including Colorado Blue by the Rock Sisters. A portion of proceeds are donated by rocksistersmusic to the Friends of the Dillon Ranger District (national forest) in Summit County, CO.

Set List

3 one hour sets of originals and covers
which include:

-Colorado BLue CD-
Colorado Blue
Fly Me Away
My Angel
Lie a Little
Loving You Again
Two Hands on the Wheel
Don't Let Go
Tennessee 2-Step
Don't Hide
Back to Colorado
Soup Kitchen Band

-Freedom CD-
Another Sunday
Ten Long Years
Fly Ever Onward
A Mother's Love
No Fear
Oh Daddy
The Open Door
The Little Blue Slurry Blues
This House
Walking with the Woman
Your Telephone Call
The Backdoor Tavern Blues

Covers by Lucinda Williams, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, Hank Williams and other more obscure artists.