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amy bishop

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | SELF

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | SELF
Solo Folk Pop


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"Chautauqua brings great talent to Edson - Amy Bishop is a big hit!"

"Live Your Dreams" Amy Bishop writes while autographing CDs. She means it as she contineus on the unpaved path toward her goal of becoming a full time recording artist.
With whispers and hints of Sarah McLaughlin, Jann Arden and kd Lang Calgary based singer, song writer Amy Bishop delighted her audience at the Red Brick Theatre Saturady night. Amy sang a variety of songs from her own CDs as well as performiong a few from other artists including Annie Lennox and Tracy Chapman.
The theatre filled and overflowed with the rich full bodied strength and power of her voice as Amy performed a requested gospel song a cappella. Her delightful humour and warm personality created a comfortable rapport with the audience . Sharing stories of her life and family, Amy sang her mom's favourite song, the old classic; "Summertime" while featuring solos by bass guitarist Kit Johnson and lead guitarist Aaron Bonney.
Inspired by a three month road trip, Amy's big hit, "I Just Wanna Drive" took us touring down the highway of dreams on a warm summer day, car windows open, tunes blaring on the radio. Live your dream continued to be her theme in the haunting wistfulness of "Something More". - The Anchor - By Phyllis Roberto

"Vic Bell"

Amy Bishop returned to the Nickelodeon stage with her knock-em-dead, powerhouse vocals, a bunch of wonderful new songs, and an easy-going stage presence that kept the audience in the palm of her hand. Amy earned an easy encore from our crowd and a bunch of new fans to boot.

Vic Bell
Artistic Director
Nickelodeon Music Club - Nickelodeon Music Club

"Bishop Enthralls All"

"Bishop showed off a voice that one minute could sooth a teething toddler and, in the next, grab you by the collar and rough you up a bit."

Amy Bishop performed up to expectations on Jan 14, playing 2 acoustic based sets at the Red Brick Arts Centre and Museum courtesy of Chautauqua Edson Arts Council.
The audience of over 100 was treasted to an impressive range of music as well as vocals.
Bishop showed off a voice that one minute could sooth a teething toddler and, in the next, grab you by the collar and rough you up a bit.
Some concerts have flashy stage set ups that keep your attention but shows like Bishop's have an interesting effect that requires little in the way of accessories. Her music is written in such a way that everyone thinks she is singing about them and their experiences. The result is your life is being played through your mind with her music as the soundtrack.
Song topics ranged from lost love to job dissatisfaction and Bishop's personal anecdotes. Her interaction with the audience made it a particularily intimate evening.
You had the feeling throughout the night that you had simply stumbled into a private jam session between friends and were allowed to listen in.
Even when Bishop covered a song she made it her own. Sting's "Fields og Gold" ranf through with Bishop's personal style and left you wondering why you ever bothered to listen to Sting in the first place. - Edson Leader - Matthew Stuart

"lisa wilton quote"

"for sheer vocal power, you couldn't beat local singer amy bishop, who belted out some beautiful folk tinged and jazzy numbers. her spectacular pipes brought the congregation to it's feet." lisa wilton - calgary sun - calgary sun

"tom coxworth quote"

"...amazing vocalist and singer..." "...exciting and dynamic vocalist..." tom coxworth - ckua radio network - folkroots - ckua radio

"jana stanfield quote"

"amy bishop has one of the most beautiful voices i've ever heard. it's unique, powerful and amazing, just like amy bishop. it doesn't matter what kind of songs she sings, i know i'll like them if she is singing them no matter that style of song she does, once she applies her signature vocals to them, they simply become amy bishop songs." jana stanfield - recording artist / songwriter - jana stantunes


mississippi steamboat "the highway" -2000
"live in my living room" - 2001
"just like her" - 2004
"days and nights" - 2008
"elysium" - 2010



amy bishop is a singer/songwriter. on the scene for a number of years. what number you ask? enough years to be impressive not so many that you think she is old. here is her very interesting and captivating tale...

once upon a time where the earth was green and lush, in a land blessed with vine ripened tomatoes amy bishop gracefully was born unto this world. it was clear that this little angel had music running though her veins. she burst from the womb holding a rhinestone encrusted microphone and her first cries sounded like the opening melody of "born free".

amy began her illustrious music career singing around campfires, block parties and in a church choir. amy reluctantly shared the lime light with her brothers joey and jimmy. the three of them would try to out sing each other sunday after sunday. their harmonies soared higher and higher until only dogs and god could hear them.

knowing that a career in music is no guarantee amy decided to practice other useful trades. little did she know that there was almost no demand for mediocre cartoonists who can ride a unicycle. when the bubble finally burst amy attended the post secondary school of karaoke hosting and soon was making headlines all over south west calgary.

one night as amy was belting out "house of the rising sun" a local songwriter walked in to the tavern. she asked amy to join her band and sing lead. mississippi steamboat was the band and amy fell in love with LIVE music. her karaoke backing tracks went the way of the dodo bird. amy decided to learn how to play the guitar, write songs and to master the art of writing her biography in the third person.

with mississippi steamboat amy recorded her first cd "the highway" in 2000. since then she has released four solo cds: 2001's live in my living room, just like her in 2004, days and nights in 2008 and most recently elysium in 2010.

the most important thing you need to know about amy is that she is married and has 3 incredible little boys. amy spends most of her days changing diapers and trying out new and interesting ways to serve healthy food so that the kids will eat it. her biggest hit so far is rainbow lunch... (please email amy for the recipe)

before being blessed with children amy collaborated with moby, opened for april wine, farmer's daughter and chris cummings, and her intuitive musical prowess had become the stuff of local legend.

amy has recently relocated to winnipeg, manitoba and is looking forward to playing around town and making herself known on the local scene. of course amy is also willing to travel and is looking forward to hitting some of her old haunts and seeing all the fine folks who have supported her along the way.

amy has an instinctive ability to craft stories into song and deliver them with the sincerity and passion of a best friend - qualities that make amy an undeniable canadian talent.
amy was born a singer, and grew into a songwriter through a lifetime of experience. she puts it all together in engaging performances that show off her range and power. an evening with amy bishop delivers rollicking "ain't life grand" road songs, soulful versions of love-gone-wrong ballads, and folk-based acoustic numbers that allow her naked vocal beauty to shine through.

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