Amy Bleu

Amy Bleu

 Portland, Oregon, USA

The self-described "Anti-folk folksinger", hailing from Portland, OR, sings bluesy acoustic rock songs about the politics of relationships.


Raised in several different cities and two countries, Amy's nomadic childhood naturally led her to a life of music and travel. She began writing songs as a childhood and picked up the guitar in her late teens. Within a year of teaching herself to play, she was already hitting the open mics in Portland. She spent the next few years moving around and sharing her music in places like Spokane, WA, Denver, CO, and Tucson, AZ. She has shared the stage with the likes of Tish Hinajosa, Laura Love, and Wendy DeRosa. Toward the end of 2003, she created her own record label, "Bad Girl's Records", and released her first album, "Renegade Angel". She is currently living in Portland again, touring the Northwest, and working on her 2nd album.


Late Nite TV

Written By: Amy Bleu

I don't know if you noticed but I don't have my headlights on
So you can shut your engine off
'Cause I don't wanna take a ride
You dialed the number
You even paid the pizza man
But I need something bigger than
a romance on a fold-out couch

You say that I'm lucky to be hanging out with you
But I don't buy it when you
Can't even look me in the eye

Just because we got stoned and watched Conan O'Brien
That doesn't mean that I wanna be your girl

You took me to McDonald's
And shared your last beer with me
Does that mean I owe you a marriage and a child or two
You think that women look better with an apron on
I like mine better with a smile instead of aching feet

You think that ever girl needs a man sooner or later
But I don't buy it and I don't think I wanna try it

Just because we got stoned and watched Conan O'Brien
That doesn't mean that I wanna be your girl
No I don't wanna do your dishes
No I don't wanna rub your back
No I don't wanna fuck on your fold-out couch.

copyright 2003 Bad Girl's Records
From the album "Renegade Angel"


"Renegade Angel" is currently being sold in stores and online, as well as at her shows. You can hear more of Amy's songs at

Set List

Amy typically does two 45 minute sets, or just one if she is sharing the bill with another performer. She can perform up to three hours worth of material. The sets are mostly made up of her original songs, but occasionally she will cover a traditional folk song or an unexpected Cyndi Lauper tune.