Amy Blue

Amy Blue


[electro-DOOM-rock-DOOM-indie-DOOM] songs from obscure motion picture soundtracks. words taken from the diaries of long lost friends and lovers. AND WE'RE NOT THE SMASHING PUMPKINS ;)


Over the past three years AMY BLUE have mixed conventional songwriting with unnatural digital harmonies to great effect. Developing from a tentative experiment with genres into a full-time crusade to push as many boundaries as possible - the band has strived to create something NEW and UNHEARD and ultimately communicate a message of hope in hopeless times.

They draw influences from far and wide: the noise and showmanship of Trail of Dead, the synthetic sounds of Psychic TV, early Cure and Killing Joke; combined with the tragic urgency of Elliot Smith and immediate rock sounds of Husker Du.

Simon comes from an alt-metal background and has performed both acoustically and electronically as Evol-i. Jean-Paul has in the past recorded acoustics mixed with damaging electronica as Recrimination - their combined energies are now devoted to their AMY BLUE project.

Recent activity has seen the band support Miss Black America twice in a month and play gigs with Popular Workshop and The Early Years among others and are developing their live identity rapidly with a brash energetic (& ex. loud) sonic attack that is sets them apart from most bands. New material pushes the envelope creating a unique blend of raw punk, elegant space rock and bombastic digital distractions.

January 2006 saw their first fully-produced four track EP released and recieved well by their online fanbase and has had radioplay on US college radio. They are currently promoting it through a series of live shows around the UK and recording new material for their debut album due early 2007.

They have also had 'The Language of Ghosts' included on the soundtrack to Colin Bishop's Lynchian film 'Screaming Blue Murder', released July 2006.

Amy Blue


Amy Blue ('untitled') - this cd has been distributed freely by mail on request nearly 150 times in the past year through their website to almost everywhere from Dallas to Kuala Lumpur.

Amy Blue EP ('eponymous') - four track demo of studio-produced songs that will be distributed at all our shows and online. Has been aired on WVYC radio in PA, USA in March 2006. One track has been included on a UK independent feature film in July 2006. Online distribution has reached well over 1,000 listeners in 2006. - constantly rotating selection of streaming audio including home demos, rehearsals, live cuts and studio tracks.

Smashing Pumpkins Baker Demos - Our first e.p. cunningly disguised and new Pumpkins tracks, hosted for three hours on mininova, becomes internet phenomena in matter of days with MTV breaking the story and resulting in a interview, highly amusing stuff. And Pitchfork didn't crucify us which we were amazed about, bless 'em :)

Set List

Sets are typically a combination of rotating songs from the following list, totalling 30-45 minutes of constant performance.

Angel of Chaos (doom rock alt-electro)
Out Of Synch (poppy synth-led song)
Silvery Sea (anthemic powerpunkpop with razors)
Subject out of Depth (electro-new wavey)
Follow You to School (80's stompin' creepy song)
Cambria (mogwai-ish quiet epic and/or surging emotive string-layered slow beats)
Won't You Follow Me (full-on punk metal)
Long Live the New Flesh (industrial glam)
Language of Ghosts (alt-rock My Bloody Valentine-ish anthem)
Safe (industrial-samples, fuzz pedals and synths)
Amy Dates Destiny (gentle & sad)
Telus (electronic robot beats, with a twist of nose-breaking)
Home (heavy bass, eerie synths, fan fave)
Forget to Breathe (80's tripped-out sad song)
I Don't Feel Sorrow (puts KISS to shame, 'nuff said)
Quasi-Political Singalong (acoustic, layered anthem)
Not On My Watch (upbeat, heavy on the bass and beats)
A New Feeling (super roc