Amy Clarke

Amy Clarke


Soulful singer/songwriter, experimental synth keyboardist, & dynamic stage performer AMY CLARKE mixes up acoustic piano & modern electronics & with skill & grace, featuring powerful lyrics and vocals over eclectic rock, jazz, tribal & world rhythms.

Band Press

"beautiful, magical, original" The Washington Post – Mary Ishimoto Morris,

"beautiful, magical, original" - Mary Ishimoto Morris, The Washington Post

"simply beautiful" –

After The Fall EP Review

"...a piano infused collection of songs for the serious music aficionado... Amy's passion really shines on this EP...simply beautiful!"

Songwriter's Hall of Fame, National Academy of Popular Music – Lorraine Ferro

When I first heard Amy sing "From Here", I knew that she had arrived! It's brilliantly crafted, with a tag and melody that haunt you....The story draws you in immediately, and the journey gets to the tagline effortlessly at the end of each chorus, yet it means something new each time. To hear her sing this song, you know that Amy has come into her own, with vocal stylings and dynamics that hold back just enough to keep you hanging on every word. This song has a very appropriate title, because to me, it defines a new phase of Amy as an artist, starting right "From Here".

"Best Songs of The Year!" – Raquel,

I am very impressed with Amy Clarke! Her EP is full of great songs- Landscape one of her most brilliant songs of all. Her lyrics are in- depth and moving, and the piano accompanied with her makes the songs move along beautifully. Her singing above all keeps you hooked. This whole album is full of talent, intelligence, and beauty.

"full of dark, quirky and experimental sounds and complex lyrics" – Indie Sounds NY / Harris Radio

Amy Clarke's music is..."full of dark, quirky and experimental sounds and complex lyrics" - Pete Harris, Harris Radio, Indie Sounds NY

"Magnificent singer/songwriter/keyboardist" ALT WORLD FANZINE – Alternative World Fanzine

"Magnificent singer/songwriter/keyboardist Amy Clarke"

"lyrically great" – Mutli-Platinum Hit Songwriter/Producer Mark Hudson

After The Fall EP: "lyrically great"

Songsalive! After The Fall EP Review – Toni Koch

AFTER THE FALL (2006) – EP Review

Amy Clarke is classically trained with an award winning background in vocal, music and theatre arts. Her numerous credits in performance sheds light on the intensity of the artist's rapid development to producing the 5 song ep, "After the Fall", (2006). This is a beautifully written, arranged, performed and creatively mixed cd. Hearing influences of Heather Nova and Tori Amos in most tracks, Amy's individual talents shine forth in this recording. The music arrangements move fluidly with piano and keyboards, programmed electronic percussions, stringed orchestrations, guitar, bass and strong vocals. (Lyrics are found at, not included with ep.)

Each tune has it's own rhythmic, trance-like mystical motions of sound throughout the arrangements, strong vocals emphasizing the changing world of our existence, reminding us of the foolishness of holding on to how it used to be. Track 1, "After the Fall", is recorded live with only Amy singing and her piano. The crisp vocal starts out immediately "AM, New York, September Fourth, After the Fall"....and her piano leads the melody along as the listener hears a chilling story of post 9/11 world. Track 2, "Not Your Landscape", takes on political challenges to women's right to choose or perhaps, in a broader view, how our rights are slowly being taken from us after the world had said "never again."

The track "Wolf" is superbly arranged with guitar, bass, strings, effects and vocals all done by Amy. Additional drums on this track were by Dustin Cook. Amy is a focused artist with a vision and purpose both to entertain while urging listeners to be more aware of what's surrounding us. With her background in theatre and a flair for the dramatic, the love song "January Mourning" turns the mood to love, loss and a heart yearning to be free, although recognizing there may not be a happy ending. Amy hits the piano keys with a force of power, a sorrow emanates as the chords hit the minor tones. A song to close one's eyes, reflect on the moment of letting go to what once had such promise and hope. Amy's gift is in telling a story we can all relate to..."now I guess I'm going to have to make up my own morning...guess I'm gonna have to disappear...oh my dear....guess you were the one".

Amy closes the cd with "Fight or Flight", a song who's intro is sensually charged, groove-driven with piano pointedly laying over the beats. Words to symbolize rising from the ashes as the Phoenix. "Don't tell me there's nothing left to do, When giving up is what they want from you. Rise rise rise rise rise she said, No this isn't the end. I don't believe it is over yet." With the artist now working on her first full length cd, I believe it's just the beginning of a beautiful, poignant and fruitful artist's journey.

Toni K. – Songsalive!

After The Fall EP Review & Writeup – Jed Ryan, PM Entertainment, Outmusic

AMY CLARKE: "After the Fall EP": A Review - Jed Ryan, PM Entertainment, OUTmusic

It's only after repeated plays of Amy Clarke's debut album, "After the Fall", that the listener realizes just how much this New York City-based artist packs into each of the EP's five songs. Every one of the tracks on Clarke's CD is a bona fide masterpiece, starting strong and ending triumphantly. Without ever sounding heavy-handed, she incorporates such issues as respect for women ("Not Your Landscape"), the effects of war ("After the Fall"), the dangers of apathy ("Fight or Flight"), and the importance of social equality into her unique music. These aren't new issues, obviously, yet Clarke's lyrics and self-confident delivery make her a new, energizing crusader for social change in 2007 and beyond. To backtrack a little, it's Ms. Clarke's lyrics and voice on "After the Fall" that grab the listener immediately. An interesting comparison to Clarke would be her fellow artist Natalie Merchant. With Merchant, the listener always senses an undercurrent of restlessness and need for "reaching beyond" in her voice and delivery. Amy Clarke's style can be much in the same vein; at times, her voice incorporates a grittiness which matches the often serious subject matter in her music. Yet, Ms. Clarke also has another side: a more delicate delivery which has no trouble hitting those high notes. There's an interesting synergy between these two vocal styles that she uses-- often in the same song. As far as influences, Clarke clearly pays tribute to the ladies of alternative music that rose to prominence in the '90's, yet her artistic boldness and musical fearlessness propel her beyond genre and gender labels. Intentionally or not, Clarke also avoids the overly breathy style and fretfulness (some would describe it as "whininess") that a few culture vultures criticized those women of alt rock for.

The stark, somber title track, "After the Fall", was inspired by September 11th-- but specifically, it's a plea against reactionary response which marked the US after the attacks (and sadly persists today): "Now don't you lay your law down on me; we have been here before. I have no apologies, I will not play at war; Don't you lay your god down on me... We all have to find our own way, we only can find our own way; As long as we harm no one on the way, as long as we love we'll be OK..." Using only her voice and piano, the track is provocative and grand. The true mark of a seasoned pro, she doesn't need a band to back her up. Opening with a haunting piano piece, "Not Your Landscape" is a mid-tempo, stark anthem which should be subtitled "Not Without My Consent". The song's message aims right at the heart of one of the most basic tenets of freedom: that women should be treated as equals in sexual matters. Again, it's a decades-belated revelation, but it couldn't be more timely given our nation's fickle history of social and sexual equality. A very different mood is established with "Wolf". The dynamic track captures the moody and mysterious aura of the titular animal in its opening, and the song continues with serpentine and kaleidoscopic electronic effects throughout. The song, as described by Clarke herself, is about the nation's reaction to the results of the November 2004 election, although many different meanings can be and have been interpreted. "January Mourning" brings Clarke's unblemished vocals to the forefront. For this number, she makes the piano really sound alive. Despite its subject matter (the end of a relationship), it's not a song about defeat, but rather about strength. For "Fight or Flight", she hits her most impressive notes on the album, reinforcing the background spark which has possibly motivated all her causes-- the need for all of us to take greater social responsibility: "Don't say there's nothing left to do, Giving up is what they want from you; Fight or flight, What are you gonna do? Stand up for your rights, or simply turn off the lights; And hope that no one notices you..."

"After the Fall" is an album that only Amy Clarke could create. The singer-songwriter pays tribute to strong, independent women and the men and women who love them, reinforcing the need for love, equality, and tolerance for all. And while promoting these causes, she makes music that sounds really, really wondrous.


Tomorrow may be Cinco de Mayo, but this weekend of partying, courtesy of our Mexican brothers and sisters, won't end until songstress AMY CLARKE has the last word at Rockwood Music Hall on Monday, May 7th! And with Amy Clarke,
that last word is guaranteed to pack a wallop! It's no mystery why, at a
recent fundraiser for the feminist group FCW Society, the group's leaders saved Amy as the last performer for the night. They wanted a finale to take the house down. And with her haunting rendition of "Not Your Landscape (AKA "Not Without My Consent")", FCW (which stands, incidentally, for "F$%)ing Cool Women"!) got what they wanted! Amy Clarke is a true enchantress, both on stage and off. As a performer, she could start a revolution whether her audience is four or 400. Athena Reich, Amy's friend and equally well-praised and provocative peer in the music biz, says about Ms. Clarke, "Amy's piano playing is ridiculously lush and gorgeous...she always completely astounds and seduces the audience... She is powerful. Watch out world, here comes Amy Clarke!" Award-winning performer Terry Christopher adds, "Amy Clarke's
musical creativity that is displayed in each song is as organic, earthy, and
celestial as Mother Earth herself."

(How do you top that? Wow!) A self-described dramatic singer,
songwriter, & keyboardist, Amy Clarke crafts an eclectic blend of
alt/folk/pop/blues/rock with soul and emotional depth. Blending her classical training with her
modern electronic influences, she is a dynamic performing artist-- whether soulfully emoting at the grand piano or mixing effects on her synth keyboard. Amy Clarke's fledgling label MAAT Music is named for the Egyptian goddess of truth, justice, and balance, reflecting Amy's eclectic passions for ancient cultures, modern day spirituality, and social and political activism. A lifelong
pianist, Amy trained to be a concert pianist for ten years, winning several
vocal arts & music competitions before graduating on scholarship from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service with a Lifetime Membership in the Mask & Bauble Dramatic Society. She then performed at The Studio Theatre & other professional stages in Washington, DC. Amy now calls New York City her home. Her art continues to be inspired by her spirituality and by her passion for
world peace, feminism, and LGBT issues. As proof, her New York City performance resume includes such envied venues as The Cutting Room, The Bitter End, and CB's 313 Gallery alongside benefits for Theatres Against War International, Planned Parenthood, and Habitat for Humanity International. In 2006, Amy recorded, produced, and released her debut EP "After the Fall" (MAAT Music/ScorpFaery Publishing/ASCAP) to FM radio, TV, and satellite airplay (Sirius Satellite Radio), and notable acclaim. Amy celebrated the EP's release with a well-received solo performance at New York City hotspot The Bitter End-- as well as with radio and TV interviews, and shows in several major cities around the US. She played to packed houses in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and Denver. Ms. Clarke is currently recording & producing new music for an album at her studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She continues to tour and perform. Although a relative newcomer to Outmusic, Amy Clarke has become one of the most ardent supporters of Outmusic's monthly New York Open Mic and a supporter of her fellow
artists in the indie music biz. Her Outmusic friend John Manion states, "Amy Clarke: Her music is passionate and insightful-- and she is 'easy on the eyes'! Most important, she is a great and caring friend. Her new song called 'Friday Night' is KILLER. She is truly evolving as an artist!" Indeed, her striking looks, talent, and energy have gained her a great deal of priase from the press. Amy's music has been called "simply beautiful" by GoGirlsMusic. Toni K.
of Songsalive! opines, "'After the Fall' is beautiful, haunting yet phenomenal! Knocked me out with the lyrics, the arrangement, the production
and the delivery. Awesome music from the heart and soul. I listened several times, over and over, because it was so powerful." In addition to heading ScorpFaery Productions and nurturing her label, Amy Clarke is a member of ASCAP,
NAPM and The Songwriter's Hall of Fame, The FCW Society, GoGirlsMusic, Reclaiming, Songsalive!, is an Equity Membership Candidate, and the co-founder of Open Soul Productions. She is currently working on a new album.