Amy Courts

Amy Courts


With passionately evocative vocals fueled by driving instrumentals and insightful lyrics, Amy Courts weaves life into music captivating audiences with a heart-on-her-sleeve vulnerability.


In her debut record, Amy Courts shows with stunning ability that she is anything but a novice to the world of music. With the support and production genius of seasoned studio veteran Charles Judge, best known for his work with Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill, and Carrie Underwood, her first offering is as commercially gratifying as it is unaffected and bright.

With a childlike vulnerability, she conveys the basics of human frailty, frustration, and fantasy in shamelessly honest lyrics sustained by driving melodies and impassioned vocals. Listeners are mesmerized not only by her striking delivery, but more by her willingness to expose the heart at its weakest. Her voice stills listeners in their tracks; her authenticity evokes and kindles their lasting affection.

Vocally and musically, Amy draws inspiration from the edgy folk-rock sounds of artists like Jennifer Knapp, Patty Griffin, and Jonatha Brooke, whose influences lend a warm familiarity to her otherwise distinct brand. Scott Bolen, CEO of Red Fusion Records, describes her sound as a fresh blend of these and other influences like Sheryl Crow, Jewel, and Stevie Nicks, and adds, "by infusing exceptional instrumentation with energy, flexibility, and the creativity of an entire band, coupled with her own unique vocal flair, Amy creates a smooth, instantly likable sound."

Lyrically, Amy is fearless, drawing from a well marked by personal experience and observation, reflections on spirituality, all against the backdrop of her degree in theology. There is no subject matter too dark, personal, or intimate for Amy to consider off-limits in writing. While many of her peers stick to the formula of encouraging listeners with positive reinforcement, Amy offers a refreshingly honest perspective on real issues people deal with daily. “I don’t subscribe to the idea that I should only write songs about faith and God and ignore my marriage, work, family, friends, and basic struggles in life. All I am and do is filtered through faith which seasons everything I write, whatever it’s about. I don’t need to run or avoid the gamut of religious jargon in songs to prove I’m a Christian.”

In keeping with such conviction, Amy does anything but tread lightly throughout the record, exploring themes of love, loss, disappointment, and ultimate satisfaction with God and people. In "Where Are You Now" she proves she's no stranger to feelings of abandonment and confusion, while "Barely Breathing" and "Save Me" depict one whose recognition of her weakness provokes a plea for intervention. Yet, in more accessible songs like "Company" and "Alone" she surveys the human need for intimacy, and crowns the project with the simple but profound reality of "Nothing Better."

With such an artistically distinct and commercially pleasing debut, Amy Courts will satisfy even the toughest critic. If her first effort is any indication of what lies ahead, she will be a mainstay in Christian and mainstream music for years to come.


Barely Breathing [(c)&(p) 2006, Amalia Musica SESAC]

Written By: Amy Courts

take this heart buried in stone and ash
clothe these frail bones in skin and flesh
fashion beauty in my weary frame
filter love into my veins again

i am dying
hear me crying
barely breathing
i cant see

im anxious and waiting
im suffocating
and everythings hanging on your next move
pride has me tangled
and lies have me strangled
and everythings hanging on what you do

break my legs or i will run again
and undo everything youve done and been
arrest my tongue a jagged blade
guard my mind by barricade
take me out from underneath relieve me

i am dying
hear me crying
barely breathing
i cant see


tear me down to skin and bones
till im broken and exposed
whittle something beautiful of me

i am dying
hear me crying
barely breathing
i cant see


Save Me [(c)&(p) 2006 Amalia Musica SESAC]

Written By: Amy Courts

i don't know where it fell apart
or where I came up missing
but i'm past a stubborn hope
back inside the wishing
this was over, back to normal
i'd get right back to my life
where all the things that fell to pieces
find a way into the light

and it's not that things are wretched
it's that i'm a filthy whore
i'd deny what satisfies me
for the thought of maybe more
that never guarantees an end
only promises a friend
turned to foe before the day is done
well all i know is

i'd fight anything if in my way
and i'd die before you ever hear me say

save, save, save me
save, save, save me

well i'm not so discontent
that i would turn on what i know
but i'm not afraid to tell you
that i'm scared to death to go
from here and where i've always been
to where you are inside my head
trace my steps back to you
learn how not to

fight, fight what i cannot understand
cause i'd die before i'd ever take a hand to

save, save, save me
save, save, save me

take the blood drained from a side
and you can turn a prostitute into a bride
take three nails, a crown of thorns
and you can shape a wife out of a whore

save, save, save me
save, save, save me
save, save, save me
save, save, save me

Company [(c)&(p)2006 Amalia Musica SESAC]

Written By: Amy Courts

lately every comfort alludes me
and i can't seem to find my way
and they tell me these moments
these moments are fleeting
but without you these moments
they drone on for days

cause you break through the confusion
and it's nothing that you say

it's your company that i miss
the sweetness of your kiss
and your quiet tenderness
it's you with me
at the end of the longest day
and all the things that i cannot say

spring seems such a terrible distance
and some days i don't know if i'm going to last

cause i'm growing so impatient
as i'm trying to wait it out


words cannot define
break into my mind
to express all the things that i need you to hear
that i'm needing you here.



| "These Cold and Rusted Lungs" EP :: Release Spring 2008. Includes singles "Shiver," "The Liars," and "Breathe." Produced by Neilson Hubbard.

| Self-Titled EP :: released May 26, 2006. Includes singles "Barely Breathing," "Nothing Better," "Company," "Save Me," and "Alone" -- in regular rotation on,,,,,,, on various podcast radio at, and many more.

| "The Wait is Over" released on Independent compilation, "Transcending Christmas: A Beautiful Journey from Heaven to Earth" -- released December 2006.

| "In You" released on Independent Compilation: "Transcending: A Beautiful Journey from Here to There" -- December, 2004

| "Unnerving" single released independently for radio and internet play -- April, 2004

Set List

Typical sets consist of 10-20 songs, primarily originals but including some covers, all selected from the list below. Sets can be played solo acoustic (Amy alone or with one additional guitarist), or with a full band, according to the venue's preference.

Under the Fall
Hold You Up
Spoken For
Save Me
You Remain
Where Are You Now
The Liars
Blessed Are
In You
Nothing Better
Grace & Thunder
Too Many Offers
I Cannot Contend
Barely Breathing
Icycle Storms
Right Here
Nobody Told Me
Sky Fall Down

Know Who Your Friends Are (The Pretenders)
Here With Me (Dido)
I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor)
I Am (Jill Phillips)
Love is Blindness (U2)
Original of the Species (U2)
Landslide (Fleetwood Mac)
The Chain (Fleetwood Mac)
You Answer Me (Jennifer Knapp)
Into You (Jennifer Knapp)
The Lines of My Earth (Sixpence None the Richer)
Safe and Sound (Sheryl Crow)
Stupid (Sarah M