Amy Craze

Amy Craze


Amy Craze's music is a sultry blend of soul, rock and rootsy pop. Her sweet voice envelops you in deep, haunting tones while her lyrics deliver fierce, raw, emotional truth.


Amy's influences include The Beatles, Nick Drake, Nina Simone, Tracey Chapman, and Sarah Mclachlan. Amy's music blends a dark soulful quality with a sweet acoustic rock. Her haunting rich voice delivers strong, original melodies and lyrics that embrace raw emotional truth.


Before the Rain

Written By: Amy Craze & Gerald O'Brien

Standing in the streetlight
Underneath the night
I feel a little strange
And the sky delivers
What we've both considered
I don't feel the same
Feel it in your stare
Feel it in the air
It settles on my skin
The storm is reeling in

Before the Rain
And I dance I'm sure
How ever hard it pours
And I'd do it all again
Before the Rain
Before the Rain
And I'm feeling stronger
Can't deny it longer
It's time to walk away
Before the Rain

Finding beauty in the change
Try to be honest and tame
It's time to learn the game
Because our time is running thin
It's time for you to start over again
On your own
Shadows creep over the light
Bringing on an early night
It's time to hold on tight

Let it fall down
Let it soothe you
Let it come down
And renew you
Let it move you
Safe again

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