Amy Drinkwater

Amy Drinkwater


It's a new sound with an old history. It's Christian Jazz. It's jazz with a message. Smooth vocals, beautiful instrumentation and a message of encouragment and truth in a dark world...definitely worth a listen.


If you spend any time with Amy Drinkwater, it won’t be long before find yourself encircled by the warmth of laughter and friendship that gives you a feeling that you have known her much longer than a few minutes. It has been said that Amy has an effervescent personality, a vivacious spirit, and a contagious laugh that draws her into your heart. Her desire is to minister to others by using her gifts not only to sing but to encourage and to share the message of redemption and salvation through Jesus Christ.

Amy is a natural at singing and performing. In fact, her entire life has been spent in front of an audience of some sort. From dance recitals to piano recitals as a child to directing the band as a majorette/field director and featured soloist in high school to performing with her college choirs and sorority at Samford University and then spending 8 years as an elementary teacher, a member of the group “Inspiration” for 5 years and then a college recruiter and motivational speaker beyond that, Amy’s life has been devoted to serving audiences of all ages and venues. On the front row of those audiences, living in her heart since the age of 7, is Amy’s Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the giver of the gift of music and the author of her faith. He is the reason she sings.

Amy has had the awesome privilege of working with some of the finest coaches and musicians around, including Randall Richardson at Samford University, Roger Beale of The Voice House, Atlanta, Georgia and currently works with Ray Reach, of UAB and the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame and owner of Magic City Music Productions. Because of this Amy is a two time upper level finalist in a major contemporary Christian vocal competition at the Babbie Mason Music Conference International.

She has appeared on NBC 13’s “Today in Alabama” with her band and has enjoyed visiting many radio stations around the southeast to talk about the passion behind the music. She has also been mentioned in area newspapers and recently in "Birmingham Magazine". Having sung all her life, she has had the honor to sing in venues of all sizes from baseball stadiums to small country churches and audiences have responded with such warmth and love to encourage her to continue doing what she loves most -- singing for her Lord.

Amy is an Independent Artist Associate with World Vision and she and her husband of 17 years, James Drinkwater, currently sponsor a beautiful young lady from Thailand -- Warisa Boonya.

In January 2006, Amy formally released her solo debut album, “With All My Heart…a journey into the soul”. This album includes tribute songs to some of her favorite female voices as well as 2 original pieces and some old standards. This project is a work of love and devotion to her Lord and looks to break new ground with the genre of vocal Christian Jazz, Big Band and Blues. The players on this album include some of the South’s finest musicians and as a special guest, “Blue Lou” Marini, Jr. (Blues Brothers movie, Saturday Night Live, “Lou’s Blues album, tours w/James Taylor) has several saxophone featured solos on the album. God has gifted Amy with a unique sound that lends itself to this style of music and adding into the mix her passion for her Lord serves reach those who don’t know Jesus and encourage those who do.

Amy calls her ministry “Sunflower Ministries” for several reasons. The sunflower historically represents adoration and is considered by her to be a happy, functional flower. Its seeds and oil provide nourishment and its big yellow blooms shine so brightly, much like the reflection of the sun. Her goal in ministry is to sow seeds of faith and encouragement and to be a reflection of the love of Jesus Christ and to lead others to know the true joy that comes in serving Him.


Do It Again

Written By: Janet Paschal/Joel Lindsey

It was one of those times
Those wonderful times
When it felt like You’d walked in the room.
From out of the blue
My heart somehow knew
That I really mattered to you.
Like a tap on the shoulder
From the Hand of a Friend,
You reached out and made yourself new to me then…

Do it again
Move Heaven and Earth
Just do it again
With just one word
You did the impossible
It was easy for You then
So Lord…do it again.

Verse 2
Seems I’m always surprised
Oh, I’m always amazed
At the ways that Your Beauty unfolds.

And I wait like a child
For a whisper or smile
That says You were there all the while.
I remember the moment -- you lit up the dark
And spoke peace to all of the storms of my heart.

Do it again
Move Heaven and Earth
Just do it again
With just one word
You did the impossible
It was easy for You then
So Lord…do it again.

With just one word,
You did the impossible
It was easy for you then
So Lord, Do it again.

You spoke one word
And you did the impossible
It was easy for You then
So Lord, please do it

©1998 Paragon Music, a Division of Zomba Enterprises, Inc./Vacation Boy Music (ASCAP) Administered by Brentwood-Benson Music Publishing/BMM Music (ASCAP)/Maplesong Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved. Used by permission

Wade in the Water

Written By: Spiritual

Chorus 1
Wade in the water
Wade in the water children
Wade in the water
God’s gonna trouble the water

Chorus 1

Well, see that band all dressed in white
(God’s gonna trouble the water)
It looks like the band of the Israelites
(God’s gonna trouble the water)
Well see that band all dressed in red
(God’s gonna trouble the water)
You know it looks like the band that Moses led
(God’s gonna trouble the water)

Repeat Chorus 1

Now if you don’t believe I’ve been redeemed
(God’s gonna trouble the water)
Why don’t you follow me down by Jordan’s stream
(God’s gonna trouble the water)
I stepped in the water but the water was cold
(God’s gonna trouble the water)
OOO! It chilled my body but not my soul
(God’s gonna trouble the water)

Chorus 2
You might be up to your ankles in the water
Up to your knees in the water children
Up to your neck in the water
But it’s alright ‘cause God’s in the water

Chorus 3
Wade out a little further
Launch into the deep
Step out on your faith
If it’s over your head, see
It’s under His feet

Chorus 4
Jump right on in, the water feels fine
Get a blessing and He’ll ease your mind
Leave everyone of your troubles behind

Chorus 5
The Spirit is moving in the water
Get your blessing in the water
Your miracle is in the water
God’s gonna trouble the water
His Spirit is stirring up the water
God’s gonna trouble
Gonna trouble the water.

© Hill Spring Music, Praise and Worship Works (ASCAP) All rights controlled by Gaither Copyright Management. Used by permission.

Get Out

Written By: James Clark

I’ve been thinking’ while you’ve been stinkin’ up my home
With your Hades aftershave and brimstone cologne.
You think it’s you I should adore
But I don’t want ya round here no more
Cause my soul is something that you will never own.

Get Out! Mr. Devil it’s time to fly
Get Out! Don’t ya make it a long goodbye.
Put your shoes on!
And get a move on!

God’s in control and I know a new soul doesn’t grow on trees
Yeah I think it’s high time to call you the breeze
Now I’m telling you to scat
I want ya out of here like nothing flat
So don’t try to tempt me cause I am not alone.

Get Out! Mr. Devil it’s time to fly
Get Out! Don’t ya make it a long goodbye.
Put your shoes on!
And get a move on!

I found Jesus my Savior and changed my behavior
From bad to good
I’ll live my life the way that He said I should
I’m gonna live with God some day
But in the meantime you can be on your way
And don’t try to tell me that I won’t see His throne!

Get Out! Mr. Devil it’s time to fly
Get Out! Don’t ya make it a long goodbye.
Put your shoes on!
And get a move on!

Tag: Won’t you please, get behind me…GET OUT!!

The Other Hours

Written By: Harry Connick, Jr.

Who are you in the other hours?
When your hair’s undone and your guard’s let down,
When you’re all alone in your all night gown.
Are you the life of the party then?
Sittin’ by yourself again.

Where are you in the other hours?
Are you in a secret place that calls
When you’re by yourself within your walls?
You get undressed with someplace to go -
Off to catch your private show.

Why do you greet the morning?
Draping your heart in a shroud.
Why must your life be a side show?
Played to an ignorant crowd.

How are you in the other hours?
Do you pray for morning to arrive?
Do you wonder how you can stay alive?
Are you at peace in a troubled mind?
Thinking no one else will find you are only playing dumb
Till the other hours come.

Who do you think your foolin’?
Turning your face from the light.
Clearly you’re turning to something
Better revealed by the night.

What are you in the other hours?
Are you queen of some abandoned song?
Thinking how your crown of jewels has shown
You’re sitting there with no one to reign
You think that no one feels your pain
And no one hears your drum
So the other hours com.

©Papa’s-June Music, Inc. (BMI)/Wilkins Management, Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Our Love is Here to Stay -- WVSU - 91.1
Jesus Loves Me -- tSr - The Spirit Radio Online
Jazz Tonight/Radio Tierra - Hood River, Oregon
With All My Heart -- WBYE 1370 AM
Wade in the Water - WBYE 1370 AM

Set List

Sets can run anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour (longer if necessary)
Wade in the Water (Big Band)
Jesus Loves Me (Bossa Nova)
Bless the Beasts and Children (Pop)
Do It Again (Sultry Smooth Jazz Ballad)
Our Love is Here to Stay (Jazz Standard)
The Other Hours (Harry Connick, Jr./Pat Metheny style)
Get Out (sassy Pop original tune)
Somewhere on Your Knees (R & B, Tower of Power sound)
To the Cross (blues)
With All My Heart (smooth ballad)
Sweet Little Jesus Boy (simple, powerful solo)
...just to name a few! :-)