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The best kept secret in music


"Musical Delights"

A peripatetic purveyor of multitudinous musical delights - her one-woman shows are replete with linguistic gymnastics, instrumental improvisations, and more mood elevators than a year's worth of your favorite pharmaceutical.
Derk Richardson
- East Bay Express (California)

"Rock's 10 Smartest, Strongest Women"

Denio has established herself at the crossroads of jazz, experimentation, white funk, and rock. Not many musicians can even envision the kind of musical gamut Denio so offhandedly enjoys exploring, and even few do it with such gusto, humor, and wit. (Rock's 10 Smartest, strongest women)
Elizabeth Vincentelli, Request Magazine - Request Magazine

"Seattle Singer in Bombay"

Once your have heard her perform, adoration could turn to something stronger. On stage (she) doesn't sing, she emotes. She has a remarkable stillness, an otherworldliness from which emanates melodies quite unlike what you may have heard before.
Vinod Advani
- Sunday Times of India (Bombay)

"Peppermint Patty"

Denio is the Peppermint Patty we all knew as kids: smart, funny, able to make music from paper clips, rubber bands, and blades of grass.
Andew Jones - Option Magazine

"One-of-a-kind Performer"

A one-of-a-kind performer, this creative-music goddess with the four-octave vocal range mesmerizes as both a versatile composer of offbeat pop tunes, symphonic works, and dance soundtracks, and a one-woman orchestra playing guitar, bass, sax, and accordion. This consummate musician uses her skills to merge a crazy range of traditions - from groove-heavy jazz and funk to European folk and odd-metered rock -- into a surprisingly accessible style. She's released nearly two dozen albums in 11 years, creating a body of self-described "spoot music," which, she says, tries "to encourage empathy and active listening in all walks of life."
Sam Prestianni - San Francisco Weekly


My music is played on Radio & the Internet constantly.

Solo Recordings and Greatest Hits
Amy Denio & Pat Graney Dance Company: Tattoo (Unit Circle Rekkids, Seattle, 2000)
Amy Denio: Greatest Hits (Unit Circle Rekkids, Seattle 1999)
Amy Denio: More Spoot (i piu grandi successi) (More Music, Italy 1997)
Amy Denio: Birthing Chair Blues (Knitting Factory Works, NY 1991)

Group Recordings
Amy Denio & Francisco Lopez: Belle Confusion 00 (Absolute/Anomalous, Seattle 2000)
Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet & Ne Zhdali: Pollo d'Oro (NoMan'sLand, Berlin 1998)
Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet: Box (New World Records, NYC 1996)
Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet: Make It Funky God (Horn Hut Records, Seattle 1994)
Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet: Saxhouse (Knitting Factory Works, NY 1993/Horn Hut Records, Seattle)
George Cartwright: The Memphis Years (music by Cartwright, sung by Denio)
Curlew with Amy Denio: A Beautiful Western Saddle (Cuneiform Records, Silver Spring, MD 1993)
Danubians (Cuneiform Records, Silver Spring, MD 2000)
The Entropics: Spagga!! (Popllama Records, Seattle, 1987) LP
(EC) Nudes: Vanishing Point (ReR Megacorp, London 1994)
FoMoFlo: No.11 (God Mountain Records, Tokyo 1997)
FoMoFlo: Slug & Firearms (God Mountain Records, Tokyo 1996/MORE Music, Italy 1997)
Die Knoedel with Amy Denio: Non Lo So, Polo (MakeUp/Rec Rec, Zurich 1999)
Kultur Shock: FUCC the I.N.S. (Kool Arrow 2002)
Kultur Shock: Kultura / Diktatura (Kool Arrow 2004)
Pale Nudes: Soul Come Home (Make Up/RecRec, Zurich, 1998)
Pale Nudes: Wise To The Heat (RecRec, Zurich, 1995/Spoot Music, Seattle, 1996)
Quintetto alla Busara (Busara Music/Spoot Music, Seattle/Trieste, 2002)
Science Group: …a mere coincidence… (ReR Megacorp, London 1999)
Tone Dogs: Ankety Low Day (C/Z Records, Seattle, 1989) cassette, LP & CD

Soundtrack CD-Rs for Dance & Radio
Amy Denio / Pat Graney: Vivian Girls (Spoot Music, 2004)
Amy Denio / Li Chiao Ping: Nocturnis (Spoot Music, 2003)
Amy Denio / Victoria Marks: Against Ending (Spoot Music, 2002)
Amy Denio / Aiko Kinoshita: The Other One (Spoot Music, 2002)
Amy Denio & Petunia: To Lie Tenderly (Spoot Music, Seattle, 2002)
Amy Denio / Amy Denio: White Girls (Spoot Music, 2002)
Amy Denio & Eyvind Kang / Yoko Murao: TASOGARE (Twilight) (Spoot Music, 2001) 45 minutes
Les Voix Vulgaires (Spoot Music, 2001)
Amy Denio / Jeff Bickford: Into The Tumbling Ocean (Spoot Music, 1997) 72 minutes
Amy Denio / David Dorfman: Sky Down (Spoot Music, 1997) 25 minutes
Amy Denio: The Seattle Sound (for Italian National Radio; Spoot Music, 1995) 15 minutes
Amy Denio: I&I/Jeff Bickford Dance (Spoot Music, 1990) 25 minutes
BTMSQ / Pat Graney: Saxhouse (originally Knitting Factory, 1992) (

Solo CD-Rs
Amy Denio: Chickenhawks Ought Not (Spoot Music, 2002)
Amy Denio: Jet City (Spoot Music, 1999)
Amy Denio: Tongues (Spoot Music, 1993) 60 minutes
Amy Denio: No Elevators (Spoot Music, 1988) 60 minutes
Amy Denio: Never Too Old To Pop A Hole (Spoot Music, 1988) 60 minutes
Amy Denio: No Bones (Spoot Music, 1986) 60 minutes

Other Group CD-Rs
Tiptons: Short Cuts (2003)
Tone Dogs: Early Middle Years (Soleilmoon Recordings, Portland, 1992)
Couch of Sound: Rabagubus (Spoot Music, 1988)

Single Contributions to Compilations:
Amy Denio: Act of Being Polite (Eyesore: A Residents Sampler) Vaccination Rec., Oakland, CA
Amy Denio: Ambaraba Ci Ci Co Co (Coat-Tail Rec. Compilation) Coat-Tail Rec., Chicago, IL
Amy Denio: Da (Lacmayer's Island) Mekka Conserveci, Dusseldorf, Germany
Amy Denio: Dishwasher (Cage/Uncaged) Cramps/Artis Records, Italy
Amy Denio: Eggy Shaggy (Passed Normal #5) Ponk Rec. Bloomington IL
Amy Denio: Exiles (Zattere Alla Deriva) MORE Music, Italy
Amy Denio: Hey Hey #1, #2, #3, Ambaraba Ci Ci Co Co (Dice 2: She Says) Ishtar Records, NY
Amy Denio: Partial Gravity (Enhanced Gravity CD-ROM) Yucca Tree Records 1999
Amy Denio: Traffic Island Psycho ((Y)earbook #3) Rastascan Rec., San Leandro, CA
Amy Denio: Traffic Island Psycho (Isole Che Parlano) Erosha, Palau, Sardegna, Italy
Amy Denio: Your Condition (Naked In The Afternoon: A Tribute To Jandek) Summersteps, Moscow
Amy Denio & Jeroen Visser: Seafaring (Hallelujah, Anyway: A Tribute to Tom Cora) Tzadik Rec., NYC
Amy Denio & Viola Kramer: Flight Path (Poetic Silhouettes) amf Music, Aachen, Germany
BTMSQ: All Manic (My Kind Of Blues) amf Music, Aachen, Germany
BTMSQ: Az Du Furst Avek (Lives; A Pointless Night Out) Pointless Music, Kent, OH
BTMSQ: Air Drone (Lives; A Pointless Night Out) Pointless Music, Kent, OH
BTMSQ: Big Beat (Wie Es Ihr Gefaellt) Z.o.o., Berlin, Germany
BTMSQ: Mu (Sun Ra: Wavelength Infinity) Rastascan Rec., San Leandro, CA
BTMSQ: Tri-Monk (Outloud) Knitting Factory Works, NY
Couch of Sound: Lousy In The Tropics (Secretions) C/Z Rec., Seattle, WA
Couch of Sound: No Cry (Lacmayer's Island) Mekka Conserveci, Dusseldorf, Germany
DeDuo: Whispe


Feeling a bit camera shy


Started piano at 6 (though I was singing & playing long before). Self-taught on guitar at age 12, singer-songwriter at 13, joined my first rock band at 15, chamber composer at 20, improviser at 21...I'm influenced by everything I hear, deeply committed to collaborating with other musicians/artists to keep on expanding my expression. My toe-tapping songs for accordion are Balkan influenced, ones for guitar are more rocking & rhythmic. 4-octave+ vocal range...