Amy Everhart

Amy Everhart

 Portland, Oregon, USA
BandSpoken Word


Amy Everhart has been called one of "America's most refreshing Poetic Voices", a whirling-dervish of a performer whose voice sucker punched itself into the National Consciousness when she made history in Berkley California on October 10th, 2009 by being the first Woman to ever win the Individual World Poetry Slam, the most highly coveted title in United States performance poetry.

An organic and powerful performer whom Ed Mabrey (2007 Individual World Poetry Slam Champion) describes as,"...impossible. She moves and speaks as if she is equal parts conductor and virtuoso violinist. Like a conductor she directs and moves her listener with subtle, gentle nudges, instead of forcing, she coerces you into a state of believing anything is possible. Like a violinist, she is deceptive in her subject matter and use of language...she applies the bowed strings of her intent upon the body of your emotions and pulls, pushes, applies pressure until the notes which emanate from her resound within you. To hear her is to be part of an orchestra consisting of two people, she and you, but no instruments in sight. As I stated, Amy Everhart is impossible, yet, here she is. And we are better for it."

A 4 time member of the legendary Denver Mercury Cafe Slam Team, 1 time member of Denver Slam Nuba, 1 time member of the Portland Slam team and 2 time City Wide Champion, Amy Everhart has been published in multiple Denver poetry anthologies and is the Author of 2 Chapbooks, (Great, Now Everyone has Mad Cow, In Truth and Exchanging Guilty Pleasures For Honesty), as well as one CD entitled I'd Rather Be.

"To watch Amy Everhart perform is a physical act, a naturally gifted writer who literally decimates herself on stage, a tiny prometheus with poems like eagles that tear her apart. As an audience member, you cannot escape the feeling that the newly found clarity gained by seeing her, shines just a bit like stolen fire."
- Ken Arkind, National Poetry Slam Champion, 1/2 of The Dynamic Duo.