Amy Greco

Amy Greco


Think back to your most intense infatuation. Imagine a day s/he looked you in the eyes, and smiled. The two of you talked and you were charming, witty, even memorable! There's a noticeable spring in your step as you make your way back to the apartment/car/whatever-that's what Amy's music is like.


Amy Greco, a New Jersey native, has been delighting audiences for over fifteen years! Recently, Amy has been playing her own folk, jazz, and rock songs at coffeehouses and bars throughout New Jersey and the greater Baltimore area (including Cleo's Internet Café, the Recher Theatre, the Funk Box, the WestSide Café, Vox Pop and the Judge's Bench). Her debut album Home was released to Ringworm Records in February 2006. Whether you're looking for songs to perk you up in the morning, get you through the working hours or to help you unwind at day's end, Amy Greco writes music that loves you back.


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