Amy Hedrick

Amy Hedrick

BandSpoken Word

Unique style of ear bleeding words crafted with some mellow funk, edgy electronica, and simple acoustic riffs all woven together to deliver her own brand of truth. You may get a funked up sex poem or an in your face political rant, or just Amy's own spin on life. Like it or not, you will think.


In the tradition of Alix Olson, but with her own brand of delivery, Amy uses poetry to express her frustrations with politics, love, and relationships. Don't tell anyone, but on ocassion, beauty has been known to seep out of this angry political poet! Influenced by an eclectic blend of artists including, but not limited to Maya Angelou, Jim Morrisson, Indigo Girls, Billy Collins, Rachel Kahn...the list goes on and on. Politics and sex have been traditional topics, but Amy spins a unique, and sometimes uncomfortable picture of any subject that will lead you away from the truth you think you know. Always sticking to her activist roots, she doesn't shy away from controversial subjects such as gay and womyn's rights, abuse, and the oh so frequent jab at "The Man." Amy takes spoken word to a new level...and sometimes a new low as well, but all in the spirit of creating thought and instigating change.


Amy Hedrick F-Bomb 0815: A Spoken Word Explosion

Set List

1. Birthing Words-Feat. Liz Snavely on guitar
2. Anniversary Poem-Feat. Liz Snavely on guitar
3. Ode To Lower Middle Class-Feat. Liz Snavely on guitar
4. Poet's Mix
5. Uncomfortable-Feat. Tory K. on harmony
6. Dinnertime For Corporate America
7. Sunday Morning
8. Wanting
9. Who Am I
10. To Tired For Tears
11. Pink Roses & Judy Blume