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Calgary, Alberta, Canada | SELF

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | SELF
Band Pop Rock




"National Post - Q & A"

Q: Auto-Tune. Yes or no, and why?
A: Yes, if used to correct little pitch problems or add personality and character to a song.

Q: What fuels your band, coffee or booze?
A: I'm really into putting coffee in my booze, so I guess both!

Q: If you were going to book a CMW showcase, who, besides you, would be on it?
A: Sarah McLachlan, Tegan and Sara and Chantal Kreviazuk so there would be thousands of people at the showcase and maybe I could score a spot on the upcoming Lilith Fair Tour.

Q: If either Justin Bieber or Nickelback's Chad Kroeger requested a guest spot on your next album, what would you say and why?
A: Oh hell YES! I would go from "Amy who???" To "That girl who has the same hair cut as Justin Beiber and I think she has an album out that Justin Beiber sings on so let's buy it?" And Chad Kroeger, well radio can't help but play the crap out of anything he does and I would love to ride his coat tails.

Q: What book would make a good concept album?
A: Going Rogue by Sarah Palin.

Q: What sub-genre will the media jump on next?

Q: Your sound, defined in one word.
A: RAWK - National Post

"All Access Magazine"

All Access Magazine - 11/19/2009

Here in Southern California, there a few things impossibly hard to find anymore; promising job opportunities, affordable real estate, and pop/rock albums worth listening to. Fortunately for music fans everywhere Amy Heffernan and her latest album “Being Awesome” is able to provide a quality sound, which will surely lead her to a plethora of road gigs and a house in the Hills.

“Being Awesome” lives up to its title for a few reasons; the biggest being it’s just a fun album. Amy’s infectious personality is littered over many of the tracks and her happy-go-lucky attitude can’t help but resonate in your mind even after just one listen. It’s obvious from the opening title track that we’re in for a joy ride as the party anthem chorus wails, “Right now, I’m just a drink away, from being awesome, gonna make it happen.” In Amy’s case, she probably had two drinks and if that’s what it took to make this song we can’t blame her.

The good times roll on with “Can’t Wait”; a tribute to warm summer nights, cold beer, and wasting away during the beach season, and “Just Dance” Amy’s cover of Lady Gaga’s groovealious jam. Even though Amy likes to let her hair down, have a few libations and make some punch-drunk hits this album isn’t all fun and games and when it slows down Amy gets a chance to show off her amazing vocals and songwriting skills.

“Over Again” deals with breaking up and the necessity to do the right thing for you, no matter how hard it can be. Her maturity and resilience is a positive message for young women everywhere in a time when most pop music has a diva like attitude and a tendency to negate a strong moral core for women. “Without U” is song that shows Amy’s vulnerability to breakups and how hard it can be to forget the ones you truly love. She lets her guard down and it’s an emotional track that will remind everyone of the one that got away.

The album ends with “The Enemy”, sort of a bitter way to end such a sweet album. The track focuses on jealously, confusion and misinterpretation that can sometimes lead to the end of a relationship. “I can be the bad guy, you can be the victim, I can be a landslide, that swallowed you whole.” It’s about people and their internal construction of nonexistent relationship issues; then use that as justification for their own actions or as an escape method so as not to hurt their own self-esteem. It’s a very deep and interesting song but feels like the polar opposite of the opening track.

“Being Awesome” is a very enjoyable album showcases Amy Heffernan’s versatility within the pop/rock world. The future is bright and as long as Amy keeps having fun making music, Southern California will have one less problem to worry about in the future.

Review by Jackson Jones - Jackson Jones

"Music Goat - Amy Heffernan "Being Awesome" Review"

Allow me introduce you to an album that has been in my regular rotation the last few months by the name of Being Awesome. Being Awesome is the first full-length release from Amy Heffernan.

What I love about Amy Heffernan is that she makes pop music that I can admit to liking without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. The whole album is addicting guitar-driven pop and great for singing along to without making you feel as if it was made for a teenager.

From the first banjo lick on “Being Awesome” you can tell the album is going to be fun. The song has some true to life lyrics like “take my keys, cuz later you’ll be driving my drunk ass home” and “if I looked any hotter, I’d be hooking up with your boyfriend.” No doubt, if you enjoy drunken debauchery you can relate to what Amy is talking about. The other great album on the album is “Can’t Wait.” It is an ode to summer and the perfect song to play when you’re driving to the beach.

But Being Awesome is not just about the awesome times, it also has its fair share of love songs and break-up songs. What I like most about said songs is that Amy never plays the lovesick victim. Listen to “The Word” and you’ll know what I’m talking about. You can tell the song came from a person that is far from a first crush and capable of feeling real pain.

What also makes its way onto the album is a cover of Lady GaGa’s “Just Dance” only the song is guitar-driven instead. If Lady GaGa isn’t your style, but the catchy melody has gotten into your head, play this version and satisfy your craving. I think you’ll like it better.

Being Awesome is a standout album because it is one that the rest of us can relate to. Amy serves up real emotions from a mature perspective with a rich musical backdrop. Plus, she doesn’t take herself too seriously, what more do you want?

Review by: Sheena Felix - Music Goat


Amy Heffernan (EP) (2008)
Being Awesome (2009)
Friggin Little Know It All (2011)



Alberta raised Amy Heffernan has never doubted music is what she was born to do. Starting out as a drummer and touring North America with Juno nominated artist, Janelle. Amy then packed her gear and headed south to LA in 2008. Attending Hollywood's Musicians Institute Amy received top honours and The Best Project Award. While in LA Amy decided to team up with her older brother, Doug Heffernan who would become her writing partner and producer.

In her short career she has been nominated for two LA Music Awards, named Music Connection Magazine Top 100 Unsigned Artists, was the first female solo artist to do an oil rig camp tour in Northern Alberta, named Rawlco Radio's Break Artist of the year, dubbed George Stroumboulopoulos' Top 3 Buzz Bands for 2011 Canadian Music week and won 90.3 AMP Radio Rockstar earning her a $200,000 prize.

Amy splits her time between Calgary and LA, touring full time sharing the stage with Metric, Everclear, Dilana, Kim Mitchell, Chilliwack, Trooper and Bif Naked. Currently working on her 4th album set for release in early 2013. With no end in sight, Heffernan continues her journey on the road with as many people as possible and to spread the love to those in need of a good time out.