Amy Isnor

Amy Isnor


A mix of R&B and country. Vocals reminisent of Linda Ronstat.


Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Amy grew up in the entertainment world. Her father worked on a number of musical variety shows for the CBC including "Singalong Jubilee", a show that spawned the careers of several international super stars of the music industry {i.e. renowned producer, Brian A'Hearn, songwriter, Gene MacLellan, singer, Anne Murray... to name a few).

Her mother was a bluegrass singer, where three year old Amy would perform between her mother's sets! She made her first television appearance on local television at the age of five. It was then, Amy began formal music training, studying piano & violin throughout grade school.

In her pre-teens, she began her acting career with the Nova Scotia Drama League, which lead to a scholarship to London, England for musical theatre, when she was only seventeen.

After high school, Amy continued her artistic endeavors in Paris, France. Then went to Concordia University in Montreal majoring in vocal performance. It was there Amy began her classical vocal training and went on to win the Concordia Concert Aria Competition with her impressive coloratura soprano voice.

Amy was then off to Vancouver where she co-wrote & recorded with renowned B.C. producer, Vic LeVak (RCA's, Balligomingo). Then, to Chicago to work with Grammy award winning writer/producer, Jim Peterik ("Eye of the Tiger", "Vehicle", "The Search is Over", to name a few of his top ten hits).

Amy has since made her home in Toronto, Canada where she continues to write & perform both live & in studio.


Time & Again

Written By: A. Isnor

There was a day you’d call me up
& tell me that you wanna be
Close to me tonight
But yesterday you called me up to tell me that we
had run out of time

Now yesterday has gone away
& all there is left to say
Is sorry now

I wished upon a lucky star and there you were with me
Like I dreamed you’d be
But then I blinked or didn’t think & act the way I should
Wasn’t good enough for you

But now I see you’d never be
The man I really want to see
With me ever more

Now you don’t care anymore
And I don’t feel like before (but I still feel like before)
I lost the game in the end
Time & again

I hope you’re life is going well & that you’re living happily
Ever after lonely
‘Cause here am I just getting through another do or die
And I lie through you

If only I would make you cry
When I lie with another guy
Not you anymore

& now I see you couldn’t be
The one for me when all I need
Is time to breath


Written By: A.Isnor, V.LeVak, M.Watson

So many nights I’ve tried
So many nights I’ve cried
So many tears
So many ways I’ve shown you
You leave me here
Before I know you’ve gone
And I can’t stop the way I feel
'Cause I believe
In something that ain’t real

I can’t fight this
Feeling that we’ve started
I can’t find a way
To render it unneeded
No, I can’t fight another day

I wouldn’t need
A way to tell you
If you could read
The writing on the wall
And we would know
How it would go
If we would start it


Maybe I’m just dreaming
It could be that I’m wrong
But I can’t shake this notion
That you and I belong


"Oblvious" (rose to #3 on country charts)


Set List

Cover Repertoire

At Last (Etta James)
Ain't No Sunshine/Fever (Eva Cassidy)
Love me Like a Man (Bonnie Rait)
Isn't She Lovely (Stevie Wonder)
I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (Martina McBride)
Blue (Patsy Cline/Leann Rimes)
Don't Leave Me On My Own (Chris Isaac)
I'll Cry Instead (The Beatles)
Nowadays (Chicago the musical)
Do Right Woman (Mowtown)
and many more!... ...


If Not For You
Roller Coaster Ride
Time & Again
Favorite Melody
Thank You, But Good-bye!
+ more...