Amy Jaulin

Amy Jaulin


this song and lyrics capture the mood of all who have been disappointed in love through simple synthesized sounds, sexy base lines and beats.


About Amy Jaulin…..(Singer/Lyricist)

Classically trained 5 years with teachers from State and National Opera Companies. Won best overall vocalist in WA at 15 for Star Search Competition and performed in many musical theatre plays while growing up and having solo parts in many of them.

After High School, Amy studied at W.A.A.P. A. in the Jazz/ Commercial Dept and gigged around Perth for almost 2 years doing raw jazz piano duo gigs at hotels, bars and functions.

Last year she attended the Seth Riggs Vocal Camp in L.A. and is still studying this method. Amy is currently studying her Cert III in Commercial Music at Tafe full time.

About Andy Meiosis……..

Andy Meiosis started DJing and producing in 1993 when he was 13 playing all sorts from hardcore, happyhard, techno. He completed Music Industry Skills setting a good foundation for his future professional career.

Andy had 2 releases more in the techno and hardcore genres. The first was “Crackface Bitch” and the 2nd “Beautiful Girl” with Red Embar Records in 1999.

Andy also studied at SAE ( School of Audio Engineering) to develop his production skills further and completed his 1st Drum & Bass album called “Beyond Control”. Later Andy went back to TAFE to complete his Cert IV in technical production and produced a number of House, Drum & Bass Techno and Acid Techno for his second album “Numeracy”

Andy is back to DJing live after a break from DJing the party and rave scene spending his time off focussing on his craft.

Amy Jaulin and Andy Meiosis met in April this year and hit it off straight away focussing on House Dance – their focus. Their first track is “Why Do I Care” – a chilled out, sexy House track with lyrics and vocals by Amy and music and production by Andy.