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Amy Jones

British singer/songwriter Amy Jones is a vivacious artist with a lot of personality you can hear in her singing style. Since a child, she’s been in school and church choirs and been trained on stage for musical performances in acting and vocal performance. She starred as Rizzo in her school production of “Grease”. She also won high school talent competitions and placed in Poetry competitions.

Amy studied at the London Acadamy of Music and Dramatic Arts and received certificates in the Merit and Distinction levels. She has also had Classical and Pop training as a vocalist. She has performed in festivals, school talent shows, and more recently at writer’s nights in Nashville, TN. It was here in Music City that Amy Jones had the privilege of co-writing with several of Nashville’s accomplished songwriters including Sarah Majors (Trisha Yearwood cuts), and Corey Barker (Cledus Judd cuts) Her cd of original songs was produced by Belmont University audio engineer Dave Tough. It’s a wonderful cd of catchy Country/Pop songs Amy wrote years ago and was excited to collaborate with Nashville writers to perfect her writing skills.

Amy has many musical influences. Some of her Country influences include Reba, Dolly Parton, Sugarland, Jake Owen, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, Kellie Pickler, Carrie Underwood and Sarah Buxton. She also loves Pop artists Demi Lavato and the Jonas Brothers, and English artists Adele, the Kooks, and McFly. Amy grew up listening to Classic Rock artists like Bon Jovi and Boston, and Motown singers like Nina Simone, Dionne Warwick and Whitney Houston. She also enjoys the Monkees, Elvis, and Abba.

Currently a student of English literature in London, England, Amy continues to write songs in her spare time and make trips each year to Nashville to work toward an artist deal. We’re sure you will love Amy Jones as a person and as an artist!

For more information or for bookings, contact Cathy Lemmon:
Artist Development Network, Inc.
1710 Grand Ave., Nashville, TN 37212/ (615) 320-0777


Hello Love

Written By: Amy Jones/Sarah Majors

everyone was talkin it was crowded in that room
but everything went quiet the moment i saw you
hit me like lightening hit me like a ton of bricks
and my whole life made sense right then everything just clicked

hello love are you
hanging round are you
staying here a while
i've been fighting
tried denying
how i feel inside
if you're here for me to love you
i don't want to but i do

i remember every minute of that hour on that day
when i forgot how to breath i forgot my name
wasn't expecting you to ever show up
but now i know your out there nothing less it good enough

(rep cho)

if you're not the one who is
why'd you have to give me that kiss
is it wrong to wanna hear you say

(rep cho)

with all my heart I do we'll never be apart I do

Someone Else's Perfect

Written By: Amy Jones/Corey Barker


She's cavier and filet mignon - I'm pizza, bud, and the t.v on
she's op'ra every Friday night - the grand ol' opry suits me fine
She's a 2 door pink convertible - I'm a 66 Ford blastin' Jessee's girl
She's manicured hands and press on nails - and i don't believe in fairy tales


I'm tired of bein' SOMEONE ELSE'S PERFECT
Changin' who i am for you ain’t worth it
If you don't like me for me baby there's the door cause this ain’t workin'
I'm tired of bein' SOMEONE ELSE'S PERFECT


She's starbucks in a limozine - I'm a snack pack and a lean quizine
She's Beverly Hills and Louie Vaton - I'm Walmart with a ball cap on
She's crem de le crem od society - I'm blue collar and proud to be
She's yes dear anything you please - I'm what the hell did you say to me


a picture perfect barbie in a magazine
good luck with that - cause she aint me

Tell Me Cinderella

Written By: Amy Jones/Karen Staley


Tell me Cinderella
Give me some advice
'Bout living in a fairytale
Getting to the ball tonight
How'd you find Prince Charming?
A simple girl yourself
Tell me Cinderella
I really need your help

Verse 1

I want my knight in shining armour
To show up on his horse
Gallantly and he's gotta be handsome of course
I've tried so hard to find him
Yeah I kissed a frog or two
So for my happy ever after
I'm turning to you

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2

I've dreamed since I was just a girl
Of a story book romance
How he'd look at me so tenderly
As we slowly dance
The castle and the carriage rides
The gowns and all the rest
Cindy you've been here before
I figured you knew best

(Repeat Chorus)