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Written By: amy joyce


song for the one

Written By: amy joyce

Most girls I know, just dont really get it
What matters in the end, you should never forget it
Dont give up your morals for well rehearsed charms
In the end you wont count and youll fall from his arms

I craved the excitement the fake and lies
Blew it on booze and promiscuous eyes
But my heart was searching for beauty in truth
True love and a family under one roof

The funny thing is that when i came to
He was there all along as we'd learnt and we grew
I wanted the fame but to sing from my heart
But as i grew older, my dreams fell apart

My hopes disipated as i joined the queue
But none of that mattered when i finally saw you
Fate had the answer that my heart had been calling
Itd pushed me from danger so i wouldnt be falling

From the moment i wrote your name in a heart on that door
It was written in stone that my face youd adore
People kept saying itd happn at random
Turns out they were right and my plans were abandoned

Sometimes when music touches my heart
I start thinking of you and the memories start
This life that i longed for, seemed so far away
They were all so degrading as i faded to grey

Thought i would die and could never recover
But then you were so perfect, there was never another
You are prince charming, my fairytales complete
Now i dont have to cry or fite or compete

Yeah i miss all that attention and chasing the kill
But i dont miss the rejection and feeling so ill
The rush never lasted, unlike our romance
In the past i was so stupid but together we dance

My guardian angels mustve pulled out their swords
To protect me and save me for the one id adore
I dug in my nails and held on long enough
We all have regrets but youve gotta stay tough

Now looking back, it all lead to the dream
Where you truly belong, you are destined to be
Everyone hurts but we dont all survive
Now everytime u kiss me, im so glad im alive