Amy K Bormet and Matt Dievendorf

Amy K Bormet and Matt Dievendorf

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA

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Late Night Blues

Written By: Amy K Bormet

She sees him crouching the corner by the window
with an air of unrequited jealousy
as if she were medusa he avoids her gaze
as she clicks her heels into the room
the band plays on
a late night blues
that begs for a set break

She struts to the bar
assured that he saw her walking up the street (in the lamplight)
he picks up his horn again
to take the melody out
but it won’t come
his forehead wrinkles and his eyes shut tighter
but all he can play is a plaintive moan

his mind wanders
his mind wanders to her soft whispers and her curves
he can only play for her but his horn points to no one
down down down to the floor
searching for answers
on the dirty linoleum