Amy Loftus

Amy Loftus


"A voice as hauntingly soul stirring as Alison Krauss" and an award winning pop/folk/indie songwriter. Named "Best New Singer/Songwriter" by the Nashville Scene


Amy Loftus is not a live act to be missed. One Greenwich Village Press reviewer wrote: "It's a rare thing in LA to have a bar full of people shut up and listen. A voice as hauntingly soul-stirring as Alison Krauss". Not only that, but people tend to fall in love with Amy. She’s beautiful, and that certainly helps in this business, but it’s Amy’s gift for melody that really gets under your skin. Songs like "Cavalier", which was a finalist in the 7th annual CMT/NSAI Song Contest, instantly hook into your brain, leaving you wanting more. Raised in Chicago and trained as an actress and a dancer, she did her time in L.A., chasing the Hollywood dream. (Second City, The Tracey Ullman Show, Days of Our Lives) But the songs she was writing took over and eventually Amy moved to Nashville in 2002 and began teaching herself how to play guitar. "I felt like songwriting had chosen me, and I loved it here because of the sense of reverence for the song and songwriter".

In 2003, she began playing solo shows and working on demos with Will Kimbrough that led to her first independent album, "Straight to Amy", released in 2005. Shortly after that, Amy was named "Best New Singer/Songwriter" by the Nashville Scene. The song "Work to Do" placed third in the International Songwriting Competition, (hailed by the New York Times as “the songwriting contest to take note of”).
"Better", a full length album recorded live to two track analog with engineer/producer Lij, followed in 2007. Amy spent the winter and spring of 2008 touring in support her January release FIREWORKS. When she is not on the road, she is writing for Appletree Publishing in Nashville.


"Straight to Amy"
Indie artist chosen for the segment "One to Watch" on the syndicated radio show Acoustic Cafe
Americana radio play in midwest, southeast, northeast, and on the BBC

Set List

Amy is currently playing all the tracks from "Straight to Amy", "Better", "Fireworks" and new songs.
Amy does Bonnie Raitt's version of Richard Thompson's "Dimming of the Day", Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes", The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" and "Pictures of You", Dolly Parton's "Grass is Blue", and The Clash's "Straight to Hell" and D'yer Maker by Led Zeppelin.