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Amy Lowe

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Lively, entertaining soulful songs in a wide range of of musical styles. The Amy Lowe Trio's award-winning music appeals to all ages. Thier exciting blend of cleverly crafted lyrics. original melodies, authentic rhythms make up the Amy Lowe Trio's sound.



"Amy Lowe has a wonderful way of telling a story with music that reaches people of all ages. She is a talented musician with a powerful yet sweet voice that can sing a song or tell a story with passion, poignancy, and feeling. She has the unique ability to reach into the soul of her subject and share it with her audience."
Marshall Trimble-Arizona State Historian- Award-winning Author and Storyteller

Multi-award winning singer, songwriter- Amy Lowe has captivated audiences from concert halls to festivals throughout the world. She is a prolific songwriter with a recording career that dates back to the 1980's. She is the recipient of numerous Parent’s Choice and Association of Educational Press Distinguished Achievement Awards. Her recordings have been recommended by:Booklist, Library and School Library Journal.

A Sampling of her credits include:CD & CD/Rom releases entitled: I Like Gum, Fire in Boomtown , Brighter Than Fire Flies , Children In the Spirit, Precious Gifts, Made For Each Other , When I Grow Up,; Math Music- 1- Sing Lowe Score High, Math Music 2-Understanding Math Through Music; Movin In Building a Town-The story of Naperville ; Performances include:Millennium Park; The Taste of Chicago; The Chicago History Museum; Second City,The Winnipeg Folk Festival- Canada; The City of Las Vegas- Music Festivals- Las Vegas-Nevada; Arizona Theater Works- Flagstaff , Maricopa County -College Tour- Arizona ; a Concert Tour of Ecuador; Who’s Next- Paris, France. Jakata,Indonesia.

Her songs have been heard on -The American Experience- City of the Century, the PBS special, WGN-TV & Radio, WLUP-FM- the Kevin Mathew's Show-live, WXRT-FM-the Terri Hemmert Show and WBEZ-FM- Morning Edition. She has appeared on television: NBC-WMAQ-The Morning Show, WTTW- Art Beat and Fox-32-Kozone. She received rave reviews for her original show The Journey of Estevanico- (formerly-Voices of Arizona / A Story Rarely Told). Voices was commissioned by, Arizona Theater Works, Flagstaff. These days, Amy performs and tours a variety of original shows throughout the country, including her production of All Aboard, commissioned by the Chicago Historical Museum,.In addition, Naper Settlement Museum -Naperville, Illinois hired Amy to research, write and record a musical audio tour. This commission included a 21 song CD entitled-MOVIN IN BUILDING A TOWN-; a live performance series and a workshop series. Her 2005 CD release Brighter Than Fire Flies. won The Parents Choice Silver Award. She is currently in the studio working on another CD project.

Amy holds a Bachelors of Arts, in Theater/ Music, a Masters Degree in Interdisciplinary Arts. She has written critically acclaimed music for the theater, including-FIRE IN BOOMTOWN, winner of the Educational Press Distinguished Achievement Award & the Parent’s Choice Gold Award; She has created several successful educational & historical touring shows. Her Math Music 1 project recently won her the 2005 Educational Press Distinguished Achievement Award. She has composed music for a Christmas album with universal themes in a wide range of styles and has written, recorded and performed Americana Roots, Adult Contemporary, Folk and Popular Music. She also co-created and performed in one of the longest running comedy reviews for young audiences. The children’s comedy review was called FUNSTUFF.

Nancy Maes of the Chicago Tribune dubbed. “ FUNSTUFF... Saturday Afternoon Live.”

In the field of arts in education Amy’s work is quite extensive. Since 1984, she’s been a Teaching Artist for several arts organizations including: The Illinois Arts Council, Urban Gateways-Arts For Learning and Heartland Arts Fund-Mid America Arts Alliance. She’s designed programs that integrate the arts into the curriculum and has appeared in over 1000 elementary schools, high schools, community centers and universities throughout the country as a touring performer, workshops facilitator, residency and teaching artist.

Lowe continues to pursue new directions and if the past is any indication of the future then it’s bound quite an adventure.

Amy Lowe is joined by guitarist/ bassisit, Dave Katzman and percussionist / background vocalist, Kevin Patrick. Whether they are covering songs by other artists or performing original compositions, their shows are fun for all ages.

Dave first heard live Blues as a young child in the mid -sixties on Chicago’s famous Maxwell Street. From that moment on music has been his life force. Since then he has traveled on an exciting journey through the music business as a musician, sound engineer or road manager with such Blues illuminaries as: Buddy Guy, Luther Allison, Albert Collins, Otis Rush, Albert King, BB King, Ko Ko Taylor, Dr. John, Eddy Clearwater, James Brown, James Cotton , Sunnyland Slim and the list goes on.

In the record industry Dave has worked with Delmark Records, Alligator Records, Island Records, Virgin-P


Body Parts

Written By: Amy Lowe

Body part, body parts, just took a test about body parts
And these are some of the things I know by heart ..pretty smart …Eh?

Faster than you blink, faster thank you think
A nerve sends a message in a wink
And your muscles are ½ you body weight
They work in pairs, not like a date
They’re 600 muscles and you lungs inflate
That leads us to our stomach ……I can’t wait!

That stretchy bag that shrinks and grows
Makes me think of baby bones
That start out soft get harder as you grow
Kidneys left and right, clean blood that pumps day and night
And heart valves open and close


Two intestines large and small
Lungs hold as much air as a basketball
And your heart pumps 24 / 7, in all
Some cells are red. Some cells are white.
Your body keeps working when you rest at night
206 bones in a healthy body …That’s Right!

***** CHORUS

It takes more muscles to frown than smile
The gall bladder is a storehouse for bile
Takes 24 hour for food to digest and drain
You know your skull protects your brain
Which is 2 or 3 pounds in adults full frame

And every single living thing, Every little body part
Is made of minute cells
If you sing this song
You’ll know these things by heart

No Pockets

Written By: Amy Lowe

No Pockets
Words & Music by: Amy Lowe
© Jewel-Eye Music BMI

Just left by the alley way,
Evenin's settin in
They say that you’re no good for me
Is that what it’s all about?
Is that what it’s all about?

You ain’t got no money,
You don’t need no pockets
Cuz what you gonna do with pockets?
Pockets that come up empty
Pockets that come up empty

All of us walk in our own special shoes
Each in our own special way
Sometimes it seems we get out of step
With the way we’d like to be
With the way we’d like to be

Tattered clothes and socks with holes
You’ve got a wealth no bank can measure
Smarts no book can teach
A wealth no bank can measure
Smarts no book can teach

You ain’t got no money,
You don’t need no pockets
Cuz what you gonna do with pockets?
Pockets that come up empty
Pockets that come up empty

Tattered clothes and socks with holes
You’ve got a wealth no bank can measure
Smarts no book can teach
A wealth no bank can measure
Smarts no book can teach

Freedom Bird

Written By: Amy Lowe

Theres a golden bird
Sings a taunting song
Feathers flash in the moonlight
Dazzle in the dawn

Hunters try to catch her
They can not hold her long
Arrows pierce her heart
She sings her freedom song

Perched upon the tallest
Branch in the wood
She calls out like thunder
When you think she's gone for good

Armies can not quiet
Her fluttering wings
They wrap her up in chains
And still you hear her sing.

Echos on the wind
Her endless taunting cry
Though many try to kill her
She can never die

Once they cut her into pieces
Put her in a box
Tied rock and rope around her
In the river she was tossed.

She sunk to the bottom
Rested for three days
Floated to the top
Was found and freed by children at play

She' s the golden bird of freedom
She can never die
No one can kill freedom
Again she will rise

Words & Music By: Amy Lowe BMI Copyright 2008 Jewel - Eye Music


Her Awards Include:

2005 Parents Choice Silver Award
2005 Educational Press Distinguished Achievement Award
2004 Parents Choice Best 25 of 25 Years
1999 Parents Choice Gold Award
1999 Educational Press Distinguished Achievement Award
1998 Parents Choice Silver Award
1995 Billboard Songwriters Award


FIRE IN BOOMTOWN- Winner of 2004- Parents Choice- Best 25 of 25 Years & Winner of 1999 Parents Choice Gold & Winner of 1999 Educational Press Distinguished Acheivement Award
I LIKE GUM- 1998 Winner of Parents Choice -Silver Honor Award
MATH MUSIC 1- 2005 CD/CD-ROM - Winner of the Educational Press Distinguished Acheivement Award
BRIGHTER THAN FIREFLIES- 2005 -Winner of Parents Choice Silver
MATH MUSIC 2- 2005 CD/CD-Rom
**(new) MOVIN IN BUILDING A TOWN- The Story of Naperville- CD
Contact: Amy for reviews etc.

Set List

Sets range from 45- munites to 90 minutes.
Mainly original songs

1. Grandma
2. Miles
3. Chocolate
4. Bird
5. Shiny
6. Sunglasses
7. Chicago
8. Gum
9. Wisdom
10 Lickety
11. Planets
12. Sloth
13. Body parts
14. New Shoes
15. Global
16. Sabu na na

Shows and set lists vary.. ACCORDING to Venues and audience
Ages of audience
Holiday Programs etc.
Stories -when appropiate
Sets are determined according to audience.
For Children or For adults

Cover songs include:
People Get Ready,
Cry Love
Judge Not Your Brother
I Shall Be Released
It's My Turn, It's My Time
Makin Whoopee